*Title of potential book will most likely change*
(VERY rough draft+this is just brainstorm)

We like to think of America as a land of opportunity; that if we work hard we can succeed. We think of the American Dream, we think of the diversity, we think of the growing technology and developement in science, we think of the future, and we think...America is a great place to be. But, is it really?

We like to think America no longer has racism, we like to think we don't make judgements based on our differences.

But, it is not so. We are aware of the many inequalities and unfairness within Capital America. Just because there is no legal slavery in the cotton fields, no more Jim Crow laws- does not mean racism has ceased to exist. Why are there so many African Americans in jail? Why does the media and politics instill an image of blacks with criminals? Why are there ghettos and projects? This is one topic I like to explore in depth, a topic that was brought to my attention by a reading by Michelle Alexander.

There is also the issue of poverty. Where is our food and clothing coming from? Why are we, as fellow Americans, aware but still ignore the exploitation of workers in impoverished places making our clothes and growing the food we eat? Why does Capital America still continue this system, knowing that behind all this free-market exchanges, people are treated unfairly under disgusting and unethical conditions? Why aren't we doing anything? Does this not go against the morals and images America has for being the "Land of Opportunity?"

Books to re-read/to read (Any recommendations are appreciated!!!)

The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander
The Price of Inequality
Richard Wilkenson's writings
Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt By: Sacco and Hedges
Fast Food Nation
Justice By: Michael Sandel
The Omnivore's Dilemma By: Michael Pollen
Michael Pollen's writings