I was in my house and there were a lot of arachnids of different kinds. They were indescribable. They were larger than normal. I wanted to get rid of them, but I didn't know what to do. Right at my bedroom door was a large spider. It had a carapace. I accidentally stepped on it, but it was like stepping on a rock.

I saw another one in the living room. I stood next to it. It had an elongated form coming from it's back. I began to freak out and started hyperventilating. It was dark for some reason. I returned to the entrance of my bedroom and accidentally stepped on the same spider I had stepped on previously, but nothing happened.

Somewhere in the dream I began to make my way up the Tower of Light in the Chozo Ruins to acquire the Wavebuster upgrade. Once I did this, I jumped right off into the water below. The water slowed me down, so I switched to the Morph Ball mode and boosted my way up the rocky ramp.

During midway on the ramp, I returned to my normal form for some reason and then switched back to the Morph Ball mode and boosted again. I rolled toward the blue door and used a bomb to open it while bickering with my brother over something for some reason. I then woke up.

I found myself in what seemed to be a river. It was daytime and the water was clear. I was with some woman and we were on a balloon raft. Someone else, who I think was supposed to be my step-brother, was in a gray motor boat. We were heading somewhere. My step-brother passed us by.

Along the way we saw some girl in a boat of her own. We decided to turn around and go back. So I began to run backwards with my hands in the water. Apparently, I was taking the balloon raft with me. For some reason we were trying to get away from the other girl, but she would somehow keep up with us.

I got to the point that I was catching up to the motor boat and even passsed it. The woman and I got off the raft and we began to push the motor boat and ran as fast as we could, which was pretty fast. Then I had an idea of attaching our raft to the motor boat, so that's what I did. The woman told me that with both of us on the raft, it would slow the boat down. I woke up.

I picked up something that was supposed to be a key. Then I found another object and everything was in a 16-bit overhead view. The object I found was like a log, but it seemed to be used to open doors. It wasn't the key that I was looking for, however. Everything then changed to a more realistic view.

I was still looking for the key, so me and some others looked everywhere in a house. Some time I had a small, black flashlight with me and I turned it on, but it didn't become brighter in the room. I assumed it was low on battery.

Some person who looked like Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was in the house and he found a mask and asked when he made it. Then he put the mask over his face, but it was smaller than his face. It had a black circumference and in the center was a beige color.

Then he said, "What if the key we're looking for is in ourselves?" My great grandma and I denied this and we said we thought the same thing, but it wasn't true. I found a box with some stuff I owned, one being a book on how to draw manga. It said something else on the cover, however. I turned it away and hoped no one saw it.

I didn't want them to see a collection of pictures I had. As we looked for the key still, I realized there were more people than before and it annoyed me. I then saw a picture framed on a wall. There seemed to be a white smudge in the center of the picture. I grabbed the frame and pulled it away and saw nails on the wall.

Carlton tried to take the frame away from me, but I held onto it. I turned it around and it seemed to have some more smudges. Then my great grandma looked at it and it seemed we found something. Then she was looking in a book that was left behind by my great grandpa.

My great grandma began to read the book and we both felt great sorrow overcome us. We began to cry and we hugged each other. It seemed the place transitioned, as I was now outside and it was daytime. I looked through a solar pane and saw a bedroom, which I presume was mine. The door was wide open.

I walked to my left from it and saw a man and some relatives from my step-dad's side. I was then with my mom, sister, and great grandma. My sister said something like, "Baby maker". I laughed and said, "Ew!" I thought I should not have reacted that way, but my mom and great grandma didn't ask me how I knew what that meant.

My sister didn't understand what it meant, so I said, "It's exactly what the words say." Then I told my great grandma what it meant to see if I had the right definition and it turned out I did. Then I woke up.