Valentine's Day 2013! A guide
The what? Send a madlibs style Valentine to another user, NPC, or the like.
The who? Other users send you valentines, as well as 'candy hearts'.
The why? Get enough candy hearts and you can redeem them for event prizes.
The where? Gaia anniversary/ Vday forum. It appears you can send from other forums as well!

Number received......the item
1 candy heart..............V-Day 2k13 Candy Heart Hairclip
25 candy hearts...........V-Day 2k13 Candy Heart Top Hat
50 candy hearts...........V-Day 2k13 Candy Heart Anklets

1)Receive 34 different Valentines cards (from the same user, or from many! There's a list that'll pop up on the event page; somewhere in the area of the 'received/sent'...titled Adored
2)Send 100 Valentines 'Love machine'

Suggestions for achieving all those candy pieces?
Start your own topic! Your name will likely be the first one used if the user is going down the list like I do.
Beg in a civilized fashion. Why? Because it's a huge turnoff to see you throw a hissy fit every time someone posts but you don't get a Valentine.