I got lucky. We went to my house and only my bf ate lunch. I didn't have to. I drank my green tea as we played games and watched TV together. I had no problems until i got cold. Then he sent me downstairs to sit in front of the fire.
When dinner finally rolled around though, i binged. As i took a bite into my toast(two pieces) and two eggs and bacon sandwich, he grabbed my wrist and said, “Oh, my god.”
My mom walked over and said, “What?”He grabbed my wrist again and exclaimed, “Look at this!”
“Yeah, so?”
He turned to me and said, “You’re becoming almost nothing.”
“It’s not like I’m trying to.” I said as i took another bite of my sandwich. After i ate the whole thing, i scarfed down over 3 more pieces of bacon. Plus, i knew there was a birthday party we were going to tonight at a restaurant. We’d all have something to drink and i would have to fight myself not to drink a calorie filled milkshake. I sighed and sat downstairs on the couch with my bf. We watched a movie and part of it showed some girls in bikinis. He looked over at me and said, “I bet if you lost some of this,” He gripped my sides, “you’d look just like one of them in a bikini.” I sighed in my head. And he wondered why i worked out to lose all of it. The restaurant would be no better.
I managed to avoid the milkshake and only drink water. Kyle kept staring at the waitress and after a few minutes he told me, “Look at her. Doesn't she have a nice a**?” UGH! This was why i wanted to lose weight as well. To keep his attention on me not another girl.