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Personal Information

Username: LegitimateRisk
Name:Issac Rockford

Gender:[/b Male
Sexuality: Single

Height: 6'0
Weight: 179lbs
Hair: Shaggy silver locks flow in a messy, unkempt fashion about his scalp. From time to time Issac is seen with his hair tied up in the back with bangs falling over his face, however for the most part, he doesn't tend to mess with it.
Eyes: Dark eyes cause a cold unsettling emotion in most, however their enticing mystery are almost alluring upon his face. Gazing into them, one could easily become lost and alone.

Blood Type:
Medical Condition: Borderline Personality Disorder

Wardrobe:Modern rockstar style with a hint of eccentricity. Often a number of belts around his waist, bulky wristbands around his wrist, multiple chains around his neck, tattered shorts or jeans with stylish shoes.
Physical Appearance:Issac's body type is not intimidating at all. Average height and average build make him easy to overlook. His danger does not come from his physical traits however, rather what lays beneath the surface.


  • Thrashing away at his favorite instrument.
  • Strong, strong drinks.
  • Beautiful, sexy, seductive floozies who are oh so easy to manipulate.


  • Being lead on.
  • Being told what to do.
  • Powerlessness.


  • Becoming used.
  • The "light"
  • Banjo Music.... ugh

Issac was once Married to a very sweet, innocent young woman who loved him dearly, and he loved her. However as time went on, minor altercations between the two were cannon fodder for Issac's disorder, as he acted out in rage against her over a trivial issue and claimed her life by accident. Overcome with guilt and regret, Issac did the only "rational" thing he could think of. He burned the house to the ground, his wife's body still inside and ran, convincing himself she never existed in the first place.

First Impressions of this unique indidvidual would lead many to beleive he is like any other. Normal. He has likes, dislikes, and emotions like any other man. However as one begins to peel back the layers that make up Issac Rockford, they might discover something darker beneath, something deep down which is twisted and altered in ways it should not.

Affiliation Information

Species: Human
Ethnicity: English (though he is fluent in dozens of languages and carries no accent.)
Race: Bount
Affiliation: His own.

Background Information

Past Affiliations:
Timeline: Born a Human. Parents deceased. Grew up to become a successful muse. Fell in love with a poor, younger, lower class woman. Married. Symptoms of Disorder begin to surface. Five years into relationship, Issac Kills his wife. Believed to have died in the fire along with his wife, nobody searches for him. Travels the world. Bount powers begin to surface. Learns of his Bount identity while passing through Eastern Europe. Continues travels after receiving training for a few months. Returns to England with intentions of crossing over to merica shortly after WW2. Creates his Doll. Taking time to recover, Issac arrives in New York, and begins wandering the United States. Discovers Rock-n-Roll. Quickly becomes wrapped up in the phenomenon and focuses his mind on the art. After spending over half a century in America, and having finally found himself an identiy and purpose, Issac sets off for Karakura Town, the Spiritual Capital of the world of the living.
Issac Rockford's orgin is wrapped in darkness. After centuries of existence, all the memories, all the friendships, all the lovers and losses have all blended together into one amalgam of distorted pain, confusion, fear, and hatred.
The few memories he recollects as true all began about three hundred years ago. Knowing himself a Bount, and keeping his doll, Mia, closeby at all times, Issac lived the life of a Vagabond. He traveled the world, building friendships, seeing sights, meeting new and strange cultures, learning more and more about the humans, all while acquiring tastes for the souls of various peoples. Save for his most obvious differences, Issac blended well with the Humans and was bothered not by Shinigami and Hollows both, and if he were to ever venture upon a fellow bount, it was a time to rejoice and celebrate. However ever urged onwards by his desire to travel, Issac continued his march and left his brethren where he found them without a word of goodbye.
Issac reached America, and was quickly swept away as he found a niche for himself. with the early emergences of Rock'n'roll and the biggest name in the genre making their debut, Issac was ever watching. He learned from their arts and applied them to his own. He had come to be a minstrel of the world but quickly found a calling, a form of music unlike anything he had ever heard.
Through the years, he obsessed over the Music. Its messages of Deviating from norms, of carving out one's own path in the world, and refusing to become like every other face in a crowd became central ideas in Issac's lifestyle. He came to accept this Genre which had quickly grown in only thirty or so years from just another type of song listened to by punks and slackers, to a massive net of various genre which all fell under the category of rock. His guitar was no longer an instrument, but a tool to tap into his obsession.
After years of worshiping the music, His mind weaved the messages and ideals of this passing fad into his very being. He had a purpose, a want, a driving force within him. To defy all forms of Authority, to be a destroyer of all that made people feel safe, and to Never stop fighting until he knew the day would come that even he would go out in a blaze of Glory.
Humans... Bount... Quincy...Arancarr... Even Shinigami were all simply systems to be toppled over. Anarchy was what he desired, and he vowed to acheive it.

Ability Information


Doll's Name: MIA, Missing in Action.
Doll's Sealed Appearance:MIA
Doll's Appearance: MIA Valkyrie
Doll's Powers:
In her sealed form, Mia appears as a normal human girl. However, looking beneath the surface would reveal a much more artificial truth. Though her body feels real, flesh and warmth soft to the touch, She is merely an empty vessel. When attacked or injured, her body cracks and fractures, raw spiritual energy seeping through the disjointed segments of flesh. Though she may appear as fragile as a porceline doll, this is not the case. She carries a certain durability and strength mirroring Issac himself.
Mia's true threat is revealed as she shifts to her true form.
When released, MIA's powers center around her ability to take any sound and give it a whole new quality, whether it be a dangerous weapon, powerful shield, overwhelming shock wave, or even an enchanting spell. She manipulates the properties of the sound by synthesizing it with spiritual energy, causing it to behave on a differently than sound and even makes it a visible blast, as a distortion of light laced with a white aura. This Soul Synthesized sound, as a result, is slower than the speed of sound, being weight down with spiritual energy, however is still faster than a quincy arrow.
The specifics of her abilities are explained below.

Higher notes act as sharper attacks, similar to a blow from a sword or other kind of blade. these attacks are incredibly fast and difficult to evade entirely, however are lacking in intensity. While Issac can string a long chain of higher notes together, the real threat in these attacks comes with multiple hits rather than a single strike.

Lower notes are more like melee blows, similar to a roundhouse kick or a blow from a sledgehammer. These are still fast, however are significantly slower than the Higher notes. The damage these attacks cause is rather impressive and threatening if more than five are taken directly. These are sent at a slower pace and thus are easier to evade while still posing a challenge

When playing a combination of notes at the same time A chord is produced, the effects of chords vary but all have a defensive effect rather than offensive notes. While some can create Shockwaves and such, others form barriers against Kidou attacks. Chords can be used to force opponents away or alter the trajectory of projectile weapons. Kidou spells can be blocked, deflected or negated by chords.

Stringing several chords into a Set can strengthen the effects or accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously. the more powerful the attack or the more the difficult the task, the more difficult the chord combination must be. If Issac fails to play the chord set the effect is weakened, or nullified completely.

Solo's are musical melodies lasting several seconds to over a minute long which have special effects when played correctly.

Taking back sunday - Error operator(Solo) 2:00- 2:23 Lasts One post.
As long as Issac plays this tune wounds belonging to his allies and himself are healed just as Inoue's Shun Shun Rikka abilities. This solo can be strung together repetatively (into additional posts) until interrupted or until wounds have been healed.This also applies to toxins and poisons.

Avenged Sevenfold - Bat Country(solo): A two part special attack
:33 - 1:03 is the first stage. The part of the song (post one) acts as a booster for the second half of his attack, The effect this section strengthens the effects and range of Issac's attacks for the duration of one Post. Part one could be used independantly, or he can play right into the offensive branch of his attack
1:04 - 1:32 is a purely offensive onslaught of fast paced attacks from various angles. With each note, another attack is launched against the enemy, primarily being higher pitched notes, the strikes are fast and in rapid succession. With the enhancement of part one, these high strikes are also more powerful. Part two of this solo can only be played in combination with part one and lasts 2 posts

Lacuna Coil - Without Fear 2:50-3:13 Lasts 1 Post. Through playing this enchanting solo, Issac's aura spreads forth as the music echoes about him, calling forth Pluses in the surrounding area to his location. Upon the completion of this solo up to ten of the summoned plusses can be absorbed by Issac as he would most commonly feed upon them.
~More to come as the needs arise.~

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Posting Color: Black & Olive
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Theme Songs: Muse - Survival
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