Your result for The Fantasy RPG Class Test...The Night Blade!

22% Strength, 28% Bloodlust, 23% Intelligence, 23% Spirit, 22% Vitality and 70% Agility!

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As masters of stealth, Night Blades are the ultimate assassins. They can blend in with any shadow and silently incapacitate and assassinate their foes with an arsenal of deadly weapons, traps, and bombs. Skilled with both close and long range weapons, the Night Blade may use daggers to eliminate their foes in one swift stroke, or they may use shuriken, kunai, and bows to silently slay their foes from afar. While they usually don't excel at elemental magic, their killer instinct and ability to blend with the shadows makes them fearsom foes. As the stealthiest and speediest class, Night Blades are masters of evasion, and if they do not want to be seen or sensed, they will not be seen or sensed. One could be standing next to you right now and you wouldn't even know it! Gasp! Occasionally, Night Blades may become proficient in dark and shadow magic, which may give them the upper hand in battle. They can use this dark magic to both enhance their strength and multiply the number of arrows and daggers launched at opponents mid-battle. Although often selfish, evil, and greedy, they are not opposed to helping the side of good if it is the more profitable option.

Congratulations on reaching this powerful class!

You have not mastered any Hidden Power granted by the Genie.