First and primary Star

Name: Tosh Levi Kasu

Nickname: Hone

Age: 29

Powers: Bone manipulation and elemental control. He can turn his bones into weapons and detach them from his body once outside of his skin. They are hyper regenerative while inside the body which means they can be broken but as soon as they are they regenerate. He can also conduct his elements through his bone like fire and lightning. Combining these two powers cause the power of the element to be enhanced. Also, if he were to pull out any one of his bones from his body, it starts to create a new one right behind it.

Personality: He is just like any normal kid though with a few things depending upon which element he chooses. For instance, Fire means he is hot tempered and arrogant, lightning means impatient, and water means calm, and collective. when not using any element he is usually quiet.

Biography: He lived with his parents until the wars had hit the world. He was out in the street when the first of the bombs had hit. He had been affect by the radiation. He was put into a deep coma and left in a hospital that was destroyed by a bomb a few weeks later, but luckily for him his body had protected him from it by covering him in complete bone. When he woke up it had been a few years and he wondered the wasteland looking for anything from the old times.