"'The Lunatic.' That's what they're calling me now," Andrew said, a slight but noticeable smirk on his face. The apartment was dark still and Andrew was nearly invisible in the low light, his black costume blending into the shadows. His mask, a plain black bandanna, hid the top half of his face - including his eyes. He appeared blindfolded, but he could see clearly and his gaze was focused on her. He held up the newspaper so she could see the headline, laughed, and then set it down on the end table.

"The full moon is tomorrow night, love, and my powers will be at their peak," he said. A pulse of electricity raced up his spine and he let out another soft laugh. "And that criminal scum, Mayor Tredinnick, has yet to resign. So tomorrow at midnight, I'll rip City Hall apart."

Andrew moved toward her silently, using his power to manipulate gravity and levitate an inch above the hardwood floors of her apartment. His costume began to change color, shifting from black to a shade of ashen white, revealing the details of his outfit - an armored vest and a leather long coat worn over plain long sleeve shirt, slacks, and boots.

When he reached her he pulled up the bandanna far enough to reveal his stormy gray eyes. She could feel the subtle tug of his powers pulling her towards him.

"But before that, how about we have some fun?"