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~*Between the Spaces*~
Pieces of work from Aria Rothsbane.
The Earl of Destruction
Hemlock smiled falsely, an obvious sense of disgust lingering behind his teeth as he clicked his tongue. His eyes, vivid and endlessly deep, bored into her flesh. What a foolish, foolish child she was. And yet, he loved her so.
"You will tire of this. And when you do, know that I am here to sooth your soul. You will eventually return, as our Monarch of Sorrow. I am, as I always have been, your eternal servant."
The Princess tilted her head, her porcelain face at once absent of all tears. Her eyes however, glazed and near empty, showed she was on the brink of tears. A melancholy smile was all she offered him as her limp body slumped to the side.
"My dear Hemlock," she began, her voice shaking. "I am lost. And I am tired."
Hemlock frowned. His eyes swept over her body, and for a brief moment, he pitied her.
"You will eventually find your way home, once the boredom sets in. You are a finicky soul, and I know you well. Where there is sorrow, where there is blood... you will tread. And I will be there to meet you."
"Won't you ever let me go, Hemlock?" She managed. Her voice, like her presence, was soft and weak.
A cruel and vicious smile cut across his face. The shadows around him grew inherently deeper as black fire danced behind his eyes momentarily, masking the true form of his soul.
"I'm afraid I cannot do that, Your Majesty." He whispered. "You see, once you took up the mantle - I became bound to you. Once the madness takes you... once you truly become who you sought to be..." He paused, wondering if perhaps he should continue. Would it help or hinder her to know the future and what creatures squatted upon it? He did not wish for her destruction. Rather, he wished for her success. But for that to happen, destruction of her soul was necessary. She needed to give up all control to him, and to the emotions that swirled around her. If she could do that-...
"Hemlock?" She inquired. He shook himself from his thoughts.
"Stand, Your Majesty. Stand from your throne of sorrow. Walk forth upon the land. Discover 'this' and 'that', and when you realize that setting forth was a mistake... kneel and beg for my forgiveness. Offer me your blood once more, and I will save you again."
A memory lit the woman's eyes as life briefly returned to her.
A flame. A candle. Blood. Tears. And a man turning the corner in the orange lit rain.
"Hemlock... My dear savior, Hemlock." She muttered. The memory faded quickly and she sighed.
Hemlock's brow furrowed. He had noticed the light in her eyes. However momentary it might have been, the fact still bothered him.
Too lively. Still too lively.
"One who is governed by emotion, not logic. That is who you sought to be?"
"When met with such power, one can only submit..."
"You are, Your Majesty, a strange, strange creature."
"And you, as well, Hemlock."

It would be a while, but he was confident that the strings he had attached to her were still there. Eventually she would break.
It was only a matter of time.

-Aria Rothsbane 02/08/13

Aria Rothsbane
Community Member
Aria Rothsbane
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