gaia_diamond OVERACTIVE INK is an interactive media company creating captivating and immersing experiences through apps, games, and educational tools for the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. Click here to visit the site site.

New released ebook from OveractiveInk has been announced last 21 Dec. 2012.

gaia_star Ashlad and Troll's Silver Ducks

Follow Ashlad and his two brothers, Per and Paul, as they embark on a quest to the King’s mansion. Tricked into performing dangerous missions for the King by his plotting brothers, Ashlad encounters evil trolls, magic harps, silver ducks and more!

•Interactive animated characters
•Captivating scenery that immerses you in the story
•Tap the characters and animals for fun sound effects!
•An original music score brings the story to life
•Learn to read with follow-along text as you
listen to the enchanting narration
•Optimized for the iPad, also runs on iPhone
•HD version for retina display iPads also available!

Click here to download Ashlad and Troll's Silver Ducks in app store

Based on the collection of Norwegian folklore and fairytales by Asbjørnsen and Moe, Norway’s answer to the Brother’s Grimm, The Adventures of Ashlad series brings these timeless classic stories to the digital age with an immersing interactive storybook experience.

This app is not only perfect for improving your kid’s reading, but will also keep them entertained for ages. A must have addition to any fairytale collection.