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Within these pages, my thoughts and Dreams are scribed. ~winks~
Who I dream of and what I dream of... ~LMSAO~
try to be nice..
I saw a little girl walking. With her black leather coat on and her head towards the ground. Her arms hugging herself.. Her tiny body walking slowly towards the swing and surprisingly she passes. While other kids ran around her playing and laughing on the playground, she merely walks through them. As if they did not exist. They were nothing in her world. I sat down on the swing and watched as she walked past me and sat on an unoccupied teetertotter.. Still quiet and sad looking. I looked around to the happy laughing kids and wondered why they didnt invite the little girl into their world. I got up and sat by her. The look of surprise when she saw me and the happiness that appeared on her face was.. beautiful. She got up and hugged me tightly screaming AUNTIE!!! It was wonderful to see her smile. My dear little niece is actually my tail and I miss her when I'm not home. But today.. this morning. XD What a sight to see! I havent been home in a long while and I surprised my sister when I showed up. I couldnt leave the place without seeing my little girl... XD She is my little girl. I plan on stealing her soon for a few days which is perfectly fine with my sister. XD I cant believe shes got a leather coat! Such a fashion victim! XD Ooh god I missed my family. I had a wonderous time playing and chasing my little Angel around the playground, then invited some of her schoolmates to join in.. XD When I left I hugged her tightly, such a cuddly warm little teddybear and I know she was happy to see me as well. ~sighs~ I found out today that my niece is soo lonely because her bestfriend moved away.. and that was the reason for the sadness I saw.. It broke my heart to see her in such a way.. and because a broken heart makes the person fragile... kind of like me now.

Today I saw some friends.. for a bit. The bad thing is they didnt act like friends. XD One even said I wasnt his friend... To be honest, I thought we were and that stung. Then others pretended to not know me. I'm like.. WTF? so now.. ********! XD that feels good. A true friend doesnt treat another that way. Rude people ugh.. Now I'm like.. whatever. Ignore me and I wont bother with jerks. I thought a certain guy was a friend.. but he isnt. Hes another.. Why? Do I befriend jerks? I guess seeing my family put things in perpective. A true friend is always happy to see you, to hang with you and isnt ASHAMED to be your friend.. OMFG! XD reminds me of a past relationship. Hide the girl because of being ashamed. ugh.. what a jerk. XD Then I went to my Noni and guess what.. XD HE WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE ME! ME! His bestfriend. He didnt care that his wife hated me, in fact he told her.. "Star is MY BEST friend.. DEAL WITH IT!" And honestly.. hes like the coolest guy I know. Fun to hang with too. You other so called wanna be nice guys.. who REALLY ARENT should just QUIT wearing a mask and be HONEST! I protect my friends.. and if you really arent one.. I suggest you leave me alone.

Tried to be nice.. ********... "BitchyDream"

Over and out..

ll trouble ll
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