Yeah, so it's been a long time now since the good and glory days when i could have more than five threads at once to reply to, say 20-30 replies a day if the times were good.
But that was... years ago, i believe, and i can barely find anyone to play with any more in this place.
I don't know where all of the good roleplayers have gone, if mods decided to ban them, if their real life stole too much of their time, or if they just joined other sites and forgot about gaia.
I don't really blame anyone for leaving this site though, since it's turned a leaf towards sucky with all of the money-leeching sh*te as of the past year and a half.

So why would i make a thread where i start going through all of my roleplaying experiences here on gaia? Or at least the more and less memorable ones. To most i suppose this would be a typical haters will hate thread, due to it's main focus.
But i would really appreciate if anyone took notice that i'm passionate about playing, and that i miss it very much. Maybe someone would even recognize the craving and ask me to play with them- which is my main hope by creating this thread.

So i've been in longer plays, spanning over a couple of months. And i have played in shorter plays which have lasted maybe just one or two posts. The latter, needless to say, have most likely made me disappointed since we didn't really get anywhere. And since i like plotting and making new characters for specific plays, i'm very sad and disappointed when -in the end- we might not even start the play. I might get an introductory post, but never a reply, and no reply from the person i've made plans to play with either.

The people disappearing on me without explanation are the ones i'm most sad with. Since we might have had a play going on for a good long time, we might enjoy chatting and plotting