As we leave, Ferus stays close to me. We all follow Chris' orders. When leaving, I see that we're in a sort of motel. One story, leading straight outside. We have no means of transportation, so we stick to the woods behind us. We stay quiet, and avoid any street lights, even though we stay in view of the street. My right hand is gripped tightly on my handgun, the other is in Ferus' hand. I look down periodically to see how he's doing. He looks around constantly, but he doesn't seem scared. At least, not as much as I thought he'd be. The zombies seem to be completely ignoring us, until a noise from behind us makes them all turn. All of us look behind, it wasn't any of us. A dog with skin ripped to shreds is behind us. Chris,"Run!"
We all take off. I hear gunshots from behind, Piers and Jake. I follow Leon and Chris. All of the zombies are now coming at us. When Chris, Leon, and Sherry start shooting, I do. We seem to be nearing the neighborhood where Ferus and I lived. That's probably the worst place for him to go right now, and I'm not too fond of having to come back through it again either. Then it starts, the undead with faces that become familiar. Neighbors, friends, this is horrible. Ferus grips my hand tighter and now I see how sad he is. The tears start to run down his face, but he keeps running. Chris is the closest to me now, Leon a little ahead. Chris,"Sorry, this was the only way."
I shake my head,"It's fine."