she sits in the dark
feeling so alone
her arms stained with red
her mind blank
she cries at night
showing no pain in the morning
her thoughts wishing for someone to help,
yearning to be held,
but no one is there
no one to save her
to pull her out and hold her
to help her through the darkness
she thought it would always be like this
alone in the dark
alone in the pain
until a boy came along
as they spoke flashes of color appeared
each flash only a second
as he spoke she hid her emotions behind a mask
a plastic smile on her face
not wanting to be a burden to him
it had worked for a while
until they grew closer and closer
small cracks forming on the mask, the plastic smile slowly melting
she tried to hide her pain
but he saw through it
in that moment he wrapped his arms around her
holding her and whispering to her
promising he would never leave
she hadnt believed him, not yet
not when others have lied
she put him to a test
lashing her anger at him
her pain from years before
yelling at him for the loneliness she suffered
her moods pouring out of her
and as she yelled he stood there
listening to her every word
when she finished she was certain he would leave
instead he thew his arms around her
holding her closer than before
telling her nothing will ever make him leave
at that moment her mask fell off
exposing pain, depression, fear, tears that were held for much too long
there she sat in his arms
crying for the pain she felt
crying for those who hadnt noticed
and crying because she knew she finally found someone
someone to hold her close
to pull her out of the dark
to make her feel alive again
she knew then that he would never leave her
as the days went by he stood by her side
helping her smile more and cry less
letting her know she isnt alone
even now she has her moments of darkness
even now he is still there pulling her out
in her eyes they are the perfect couple
long ago she wished to be saved
now she wishes to be with him forever
until the end of time itself