Alright, so i should change the name of this thing since i stopped posting my songs up here.

I'm just going to use it to vent, since no one reads these things.

So i'm going to my dad's house tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, i love that guy, but the history with him... I sometimes wish he never came back...
And every time i step in that house, i remember EVERYTHING.

Yeah, my guy makes me feel better about it. Makes a joke or two, but it makes me question everything. Especially him. Now I'm not saying he's a bad boyfriend or anything, he's amazing. Considering his age. But when i said the word "Love" .... Just makes me remember... And then anything past that.. *shudders*

My mind is so jumbled up at this point... I had this horrible idea... Almost went through with it too.... Thank God i didn't..

I want to move out. But since i can't get a job, or get a good apartment till I'm at LEAST 17, i'm stuck with fake mom, naggy b*tch mom-boyfriend, and spoiled sister. Once i get my learners permit, i will be out of this mad house for longer. Which is always good. And hey, maybe i can visit my guy. Road trip!

I miss him... But... *sigh*

Something positive?

Ermmm.... I'm getting help with my japanese. Arazona is a good teacher. Hope he and i can be friends. He's stupid.

Alright i'm done for now. Bai!

DtYh DtYh DtYh DtYh