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Journaling and stuff I buy
Some stuff I buy is here. My randosig is temporarily in my about me section of my profile. Please check that out to see some random pets not in my journal. Or, visit my pet page!
My Hiatus//leave of absence
Hi friends! I felt like what I had to say is too long for my sig. Anyone who doesn't give a sh*t will just not read. If you're here reading this, then this is for you. :3

So last summer i participated in all of the beta weekend events put on by arena net, makers of guild wars 2. I had no way of realizing just how much I'd fall in love with this game. This ... has been everything i wanted from a MMO for... SUCH A LONG TIME! I've always been a MMO'er.

To that point, I need to tell you all. When I was first in wow, I kind of fell off the map a bit then too. Never to the extreme i have with GW2, but yeah. It did happen then, it's happening now. Just like before, I'll eventually come to a place where i balance that with other things I like to do.

but i mean.. honestly? The pets forum is always full of assortments and variety of little bullsh*t dramas. Sometimes it's very like high school. Am I gonna worry about taking time away from the wonderful world of Kryta.. to come here and be trolled? Yeah. gee... not sure why I find myself choosing GW2. lol. ok. enough with the sarcasm right? lol

But... I do love my pets. I've spent TEN YEARS on gaia. and.. of those years.. probably EIGHT have been in the pets forum. That's a f*cking long time. and i do repeat.. THAT IS A f*ckING LONG TIME. Other people have taken small breaks to have kids or do whatever. All the while, I was there. I've been that person who was left behind while someone needed to get their life in order or just live life. That's totally cool. Real life comes first. Well, gaming is a part of life if you're a gamer. I'm a gamer. Over the years, i've moved from console gaming to hardcore MMO'ing. That's just part of who i am. Once upon a time, it was wow.. or lotro... now it's GW2. This game is brand new. Only been a few months. AND. what's more... I didn't get to play much from early November through the new year due to work. That time of year is exceptionally demanding in my workplace. What free time i did have i played the sims or slept. Then, i've also been really sick recently.

however, in gw2, i've found a very awesome and nice guild family/community. They are wonderful. Never do i get snide remarks.. or have people making rude, hateful, and trollfulling comments that I just need to accept cuz that's just how someone is.

now... as to pets: if you have a lifemating with me.. or some kind of breeding agreement.. and wish to break that. I FULLY UNDERSTAND. I will not be angry.

However, any character that is an OC that I have roleplayed extensively is not up for discussion. Those characters are an extention of myself. While i'm on a little break from gaia; there is a very strong chance I will come back. If for no other reason than to rp my personalities and pets whom i adore so very much.

Feel free to look me up on facebook. I'm checking in there everyday with work friends, family, and other people. I also play games on there. I'll try to start logging on aim when i'm doing my facebook/internet time to keep up with people. I'm still interested in rp'ing my pets even if i'm not actively on gaia. :3 yay for happy fun time rp's. heart

Lastly, GUILD WARS 2 IS AMAZING. Seriously guys... In some games, you gotta get over that mountain to get an epic experience. in gw2, the mountain IS THE EXPERIENCE. I have 4 chars. one max lvl, a 2nd almost there... and 2 other chars i love. I invite you all to come to this world. there is no monthly fee, and I now live on Anvil Rock. We have a girls only guild, and a brother guild where we play with guys as well.

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