So me and my 2 friend's were hanging out in one of the said friends' dorm room. When she left to go take a shower my other friend looked at me and said "we should do something crazy like rearrange her room." I looked at him and we both got up at the same time and started rearranging stuff around her room. Since she doesn't have a roommate this made it 10 times easier so we moved the stuff on her desk, in her drawers, in her closet to the opposite desk, drawer, and closet. It wasn't like we messed anything up we just put in in an almost exact mirrored position. Everything. We even moved her bed. It was great.

After my friend left I kind of hung out in the bathroom/hallway area so I could hear her reaction. She just yelled my name really loud and I couldn't help but laugh and run to her room to see her face. She went to go look in her closet and just couldn't stop saying "wooooow..." and asked if "we were seriously that bored?" and "apparently really dedicated".

Best idea ever and time well spent.