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Clien on Mako
"i think you will need to understand something about my cousin before you make such harsh judgements" clien interupted the gathering who had started deliberating on such private yet public matters" i dont mean to say hes not the man you all believe him to be, but you should know more about someone then who they are, but rather why they are, and even though it wont save his life, i cant let his pathetic life end and be forgotten by the hands that wiled the blade, not until they know what they are killing"he said makeing sure he would be heard, and not accepting anything else" mako is a weak willed soft headed blowhard, he lacks the mind to think before he acts and his impulsiveness is trumped only by his self doupt" it was all correct, clien may not have liked people in general, but he did pay close attention to them" but even so he was left with no other options, the only person who ever loved him was his mother, and she died when he was a boy, he never heard a kind voice all his life or felt the warmth of protection his father should have given him, when he was young much was expected of him and he tried, but he always found a way to fail, and he was punished for every single misstep by my mother, and as his mistakes grew his punishments became much worse, before long all he was was a cowering ball of fear, he couldent even take a step without crying or thinking he might be beaten for crying, and the more terrified he was the more he made mistakes, it was a brutal circle" he said with obviose emotion now in his voice, although he hid it well, he did love his cousin, and knew he was as much to blame for mako's fate as anyone" when mako finaly grew up he had developed a thick shell, he cared about nothing and hid it well, always smileing and acting as if he was alright, no doupt you have witnessed it yourself young princess" he said looking to kiya" his mental slips and breakdowns, bouts of depression and extreme emotional states, i dont care what any of you here think of my cousin, he is what life made him, unlike any of you he was never given a ******** chance!, expecting him to stand and rise to the occation of bieng a father when his own father failed him so damb much is just cruel!" he said slamming his fist into the large table as electricity pulsed from his skin" hes a ******** up in every ******** translation of the word, and we all damb well know it, but one thing i see that you all have not, he is still trying" he said calming down as he stood up full" he ran away, he could have bien free from all of us and the pain we inflicted on him, but wether for his unconditional love for his people, or for the lobve of kiya and kalicia, he came back and he tried, sure he failed again and again, but he was still trying...." shakeing off the moisture in his eyes he needed to leave" mako is weak minded, but he has a larger heart then anyone i have ever known....he never wanted anyone to feal pain, but he was never able to escape the fear that has always huanted him....do what you will, may god have mercy on our souls" he said leaving the proceedings before he lost what little emotional beariers he had himself, he had failed mako more then most, and if his cousin died, he dideant think he could forgive himself for it.

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