I was sitting at a round table and was in a place where one would do stand-up comedy. I was Jamie Kennedy. A teen girl asked me a question concerning a joke, so I come up with one from the question she asked. I start out well with the joke, but then I am unable to complete it.

I was having difficulty expressing the joke the way I wanted it to be worded. The girl began to worry and for some reason said to someone, "I'm only fourteen." So I tried to say the joke again, but I couldn't say it the way I could think it. Some people expected me to succeed.

I tried again because I thought I had it. Again, I suffered from expressing the joke. Someone asked the Boyz II Men if I could have just a bit more time to say the joke. They allowed me, so I asked for a pen and paper because I thought I'd just read from that. I eventually gave up because I felt that people wouldn't laugh at the punch line. I woke up.

I was inside what appeared to be Round Table Pizza. My brother was with me. I told him I'd be right back, so I entered a bathroom and there was a white man and a black man. I walked past them to enter a stall. It was one of the big ones. Once I entered, I noticed there wasn't a toilet. The stall appeared to be broken.

As I was about to leave, the two men approached me and were going to try raping me. I panicked and fortunately got out. Once I ran out of the bathroom, there was an older white man walking in the opposite direction. I alerted him of two people in there and told someone to call 911. Strangely, the police appeared quickly and took the two men away.

I had a small cut on my right thumb, one on the front side of my right hand at the pisiform bone, which is opposite to the thumb, and my wrist as a result of what occurred. Then I woke up.

I was with my brother and we were at some concert or theater. Everything was black and white. My brother and I watched our friend play some musical or something. I believe my brother was saying something, so I told him not to interrupt. People looked in his direction. I saw myself from a third-person view moving to the left.

I saw a strange, mechanical device that had some bullet-shaped thing. Above it was someone's face. The bullet fired and got stuck. So I started over again. I don't remember much. I believe I woke up.

I mentioned something about super-earths being made up of carbon instead of hydrogen, diamond earth. In one brief dream. In another brief dream I saw Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner, two Green Lanterns, but they had the name's Robertson and Robinson. I thought it was cool because the two had names that sounded similar.