"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!!!???" i screamed in shock, as i saw the potential member with his blade against my lovers neck. "Don't let her looks fool you!!" replied Ajex, never averting his eyes from the blade at her neck. "Shes part of the Sorority, obviously a new member sent to recapture me and put me to death." "No shes not!" i said commanding by own blade. "shes m- I mean, shes part of our organization." "Help me Caxias his blade burns my skin!" i could see it already his blade was beginning to frost bite her neck. "got your Monger sained blade off of MY GIRLFRIEND!!!!" i screamed as i brought the blade down, i would have decapitated him but he had reflexes fast enough to deflect the blade, giving Xifft just the right amount of time to kick him out of the way and reach for her whip. "Damn!" she breathed. "i must have left it in Caxiass' room" instead she made two of he Black Roses and aimed to through them at Ajex. "calm down." i said "we are your friends, we wont hurt you. Watch." i lay down my blade and motion for my friends to do the same. Exil holsters his guns, Kexim stows his Blades and Xifft unsumons her blades "now." i say "lets talk about this."