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Life, Gaia, Poems, Enchouragment,Support, And Just Me Being Me.



Honestly? I hated my alarm. It usually made me s**t my pants because for some darned reason I made my ringtone Warfare of bullets and shotguns. Why don't I change it? Simple. Im too damn lazy.

5:27. The cars that drove by were slow and silent like ghosts. 5:28 The Robins and bluejays stayed silent. As if waiting for the perfect moment. 5:29. It was silent. Nothing moved. 5:30 My alarm went off, making me s**t myself Well not in bed. That's just ew.

I grabbed my phone and quickly shut it off. Jeez. These new phone the school handed us were pretty nice actually. Completly weightless, Holographic, And extremely durable. Sweet. You know, Though, Living in 2044 Sucked sometimes. One because once your 16 you have almost the same responsibilities as an adult, living on your own, Getting a job, play rent, Bit you STILL went to school. Ugh. I rubbed my eyes in a daze. My Arms were numb. Good job Charles. I sat up and looked around my room. It was a nice enoigh size. Enough to comfortably fit two people. The Blue wals and Grey carpet remind me that I was at the "High house" As me and my Housemates called it. I heard Moaning coming from the next room iver. I glanced at the time. 5:35 AM. Okay.... James... NOW? Out of all times you chose now to grab a randon chick and screw her. Good job dude. Well I do admit he was a decent looking guy. Brown hair, Tanish skin, Latino origin, Buff arms, 6 pack. Yeah. I Crawled out of bed and sleepily walked to the bathroom ignoring the Moans from down the hallway. I tried to open the door finding it locked. Damn it Jack.... Hes going to finish all the water!

"Jack! What the hell are you in there for? I go first!" I yelled Knocking on the door. He laughed and yelled back.
"Not today! I got a chick to meet. She's HELLA hot." He replied. I laughed.
"You? Someone hot? Bull s**t!!" I laughed and walked away. Fine. He can be in there ten min tops. After that, Im flushing the toilet. 40 Something years, And that STILL works.

He got out his Red hair slick and Jelled up. His Asain face Sleek and Was holding glasses. "Just go Tell James to hurry up.Im getting sick of his constant ******** chick in my house. By the way Seriously. One of you need to move out. I have the two of you here. What if I bring a chick over for a night?" He laughed. "Yeah the only chick Your gonna bring is a hooker."I Closed the door and he laughed. "Whatever." I replied taking off my shirt and locking the door. My blue hair Shone brightly. My brown skin reflecting in the mirror. Unlike many people here.. Im diffrent. I was born with my hair and My.. Powers. I could form and mold technology. Like forming a disk fron the naniyes in the Air. Or reproging a laptop or yv to play consle games. That and thier dads arent Multibilionare asshats like my dad. He dumped me here saying this would help my skills in life. Yeah. Didnt help when every 20 Seconds your ID card reads Charles Daxin. Son of Haxel Daxin. Who apparently attends a highschool. So yeah. Im pretty popular. Want a rumor spread? Tell me. Once it goes on twitter.... Boom. Instant wildfire. Ugh. Focus dude. Its Monday. The office called you on Friday. Get it togeter and head over. I stipped down and hopped into the shower.

James got in after me. I grabed a T-Shirt, Some jeans, and my hoodie. I ran downstairs and grabbed a price of toast and then ran to the garage grabbing my shoes already on and backpack in hands. I grabbed my wallet and keys. And I was OUTTA there. James had his truck. And my parents had bought me a New ford. Ford eclipse. Yeah apparently they just stared those like 5 years ago. Apparently. I wasn't qualified for flying yet, So I got to drive traditionally on the ground. For now.

7:05. School didn't start for another Two hours. The office told me Id have to take a girl and show her around. New girl. Name by Jackie Snow or Stella, Or Something. Her moms famout too. For curing Cancer or something. Whatever. Ill remember it later. I parked in the student area and slung my backpack over my shoulder. I felt my laptop and extra hard drive shake. Along and my box controller. What? There WERE moments when I could play Halo or Call of Duty from my laptop.

I walked into the office. The front desk lady was on The phone. The clerk pointed to a chick dressed in white. I did a double take and pointed at her. She nodded and looked back at her work. I grinned. Okay.. Even in our terms she was DAMN fine. Her hear was short. Not modified in anyway. Normal brunette hair. Soft blue eyes. A darker tan... Suggesting that she had a black parent Or grandparent. Oh well. At least I get to show her around. The clerk passed me a note. Her hand writing was a little.messy bu readable.

She also has to move in with you. These no extra housing. Sorry for the inconvince.


[Chapter 2]

"Uhm... Hey there." I grinned.
"W-What..? Sorry. Im waiting for someone. Some douche Named Charlie Or Charles or something." She replied glancing at me but looking back her Data pad.
"So thats whag you think of me?" I replied crossing my arms.
"Wha..... s**t. Umh... Hi?" She replied suddenly realizing. I Laughed.
"Ill forgive you this ONCE. Names Daxin. Charles Daxin."
"Yeah the multibilionare Tech family. Jacquline Snow. Just call me Jackie. Or Ms.Snow." She replied getting up.
"The Medical and surgery family." I said walking out the door her following me. I decied to be fancy and form a Small hoverboard using my new design. The old one worked... But it wasnt fancy. THIS works. I handed her one Her completly stunned.
"How did you-" She started.
"-You get used to it." I cut her off and hopped into the board it magnatizing my shoes to the board.
She looked at me like I was a freak. In which I was. Oh well.
"Okay now that you knot to ******** with me, You wanna go already? The school wont its self." I puller her onto her hoverboard.
"What the....." She mumbled as she hovered slightly off the ground.
I Grinned. I pulled my One piece shades over my eyes lighting the HUD up. It showed the time, Direction, Tempreature, Had a phone funtion, Took pictures, Video, Watch movies, And I desigined it all. And huilt it. I could add more if I wanted.
"You ready?" I asked Looking at her. "Cause I didnt go and form thest just to stand."
She pulled down a basic but sleek pair of shades.
"Y-Yeah... Lets go." She slowly pushed ahead.
"Alright." Oh great. Granddad said he once experinced something Like this when he was a kid. Oh gramps. If only you were here to see this.
"Hey! I thought you were supposed to show ME! Not wait for your a**!" She called out going a little faster. I laughed. This chick knows NOTHING about me.

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