Time doesn't matter

User ImageI thought of this entry last week 4laugh Ah User Image I thought of this subject long ago, always been on my mind, BUT IT RESURFACED!

I love being first or near the top!
I feel special~~ or important emotion_yatta

I'm first whee or near the top 4laugh on the lists of:







Haruhi (...)

(I feel rejected ahahaha rofl )

it's funny how it gets worse ha ha! I asked her if she knew she could move everyone around. People I ask don't count!! </3 None of my Haruhis thought of it themselves User Image Why does this happen~ |8o,


Princess Elaine ( sweatdrop ...doesn't really count because I asked),

-goes through friend list-

eek I'm first...on Princess Bella's list?
:O :O :O :O -sucked in too much air-
-coughs a lot to the side, pounding on his chest-

-wheeze- Breathing normally now! emotion_sweatdrop

Princess Jess,

Princess Maricela (short friend list and I'm happy to be in it!)

Princess Ai,

Alois (Tony Rocket),

Aya Briefs,

Haruhi (The Broke Dog),


CypressAshe : D,

rou95 (at least I'm on the first page ha ha~),



Princess Aria,


Nuray Astra (I'm surprised I'm second)

Going through this...

User Image

Made me think,
"Oh, you guys...You just wanted to add me, ha ha."

User Image

Ha ha ha, interesting results~! User Image

I feel like doing a clean up.

It's good to have a number, when I get searched, but for Friend Only entries -chuckles, cracking a smile- you shouldn't see what's on there! You're the public! I'm sorry~ It's true |8o -touches his cheeks- I'm not cruel enough to remove people. -cups his chin- I don't know if I could. I could but I mean, in Gaia. I would like to ask your permission first : ) Gaia has this changed system where the removal is mutual so one day, you won't know who disappeared from where and if you disappeared from someone's list. The sudden realization isn't very enjoyable : D I would not want to accidentally remove someone (^O^)/

Everyone who thinks they would be better off my list - please comment! whee This might not work, ha ha. Maybe.... Everyone who wants to stay comment. Not everyone looks at my journal so this might not work well either razz


User Image User Image

I'm sorry. I don't have all of my facial expressions available. -pokes his own cheeks-

User Image User Image

I'm sorry if they ruin my entry ^o^

User Image User Image

There isn't anything I can do.

User Image User Image

OH, it's so TRAGIC!!!

User Image User Image

-staggers to a wall to lean on-


Ha ha. Isn't this fun? User Image

I'm all right with the emotes, but frequently
and only using them looks...-laughs-

User Image

I don't mind "yatta" or "whee" ♡ User Image

User Image

I love the people whose lists I'm first on heart
User Image

I've never felt so special before

User Image

(except for love from my dad
and my French family (^O^))

THIS MAKES BEING MADE FUN OF WORTH IT...I THINK! -sobsobsob-...I don't want to think about it.

User Image User Image User Image

All right! Let's finish up and post!

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