Day 10, Disillusionment

In my mind there used to be a completely different world than the one you know. It was full of creatures and enchantments and magic. Let us enter this world and get a peek at what it was and what people lived there. Inside this world I was not myself but a warped and evil creature. My lower legs had elongated and bent to form paws. My nails and teeth lengthened and shortened into vicious weapons. Twin ethereal blue serpents protruded from my back to suck the life out of anyone I wished. A third serpent came from my heart as a more lethal weapon, though this one was purple. A third eye appeared upon my forehead, deep purple instead of my blue. In this world, that is what I was a deformed monster designed to kill. Everyone had these inner beings, these “True Selves” as I called them. But most were unable to know them or release them. This world was stained with blood, the sky had turned orange and both the sun and moon were the color of blood. There was nowhere safe for those who were weak, no where to run when you were scared. Then, after living with this world for years, I met someone who saved me. This someone pulled me from this world into the real world, where it was safe. I no longer had to run and hide, I no longer had to fight to survive. It took me a while to get used to this world, to not keep imagining that one and thinking it was real. I was finally safe and finally able to live.

(Obviously this isn't really me but I do find what I made interesting)