Decided I am going to start a training journal. Every weekend, I am going to be out dirt biking in preparation for a race in april i am attending. So lets start this off with this last weekend.

Week 1
Date: Feb 2-3
Weather: A perfect sunny day, averaging around 50+ degrees.
Miles ridden: 35
Bike Riddden: CR 250
Experience Gained: +1 for every 5 miles =7
Experience needed for VCGP(Virgina City Grand Prix)= 100
Accident report: Friend got a flat near the end of the ride, as well as dumping another bike in the sand. I hit the gas a little hard on a turn and fell on some hard pack pretty bad on my hip.
Photos from ride:
The resulting injury from me crashing. Take note, this is the side of my waist all swollen up. The skin stretched rapidly, and the discoloration is pretty bad.
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Me just before we are about to leave camp to ride.
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