Omg a random journal entry cause I got Le nothing to do! I also haven't been on Gaia in a little over a year. Kinda got busy and forgot about it.

Update: Jobless and trying to earn money via selling art. Link on my profile. Yup ball of joy. I got a lot of gold thought when I came back cause I had items I no longer wanted and the price for them shot up. So with that I was able to get a few things on my wish list and now look kick ass again xD

Gunna be trying to get the rest as well as be online more often but no one to RP with anymore. All my old Rp buddies aren't online and half of the people on this site don't RP properly so it's hard to stick to it. Or people have this lovely habit of where you're gone for ten minutes, say getting food or something, you come back and EVERYTHING IN THE STORY LINE HAS CHANGED!! so you either read a gazillion pages or just give up. When I first joined Gaia people at least had the decency to wait for everyone to post or if someone was starting and unsure what to do we would help them along. Not like that anymore, I miss it now though haha. At least I still have my art -^^-