The cool crisp air, the gentle breeze, the feel of the world. These were the things that Rhainix had missed for so many ages. His memory recently returned to him, he recalled all of his past. He gazed through cyan colored optics at the dusted wasteland below the Spire. The place where his mother and father had rescued each other from the clutches of their respective kingdoms. His father, a Demon, his mother, a Celestial Angel. Rhainix was born with more of his Father's qualities than his mother's. Hers are still somewhat present, but only slightly. Rhainix is basically just the demonic side of Fear. He has Fear's speed, and shares his elemental kinetics with his brother. Rhainix also was inducted into the Reapers, Fear and Rhainix competed for ages to become the best. Rhainix gained Nexus powers, just like Fear, he also became a Judge of the Nexus, just like Fear. But one thing he did not have, was his brother's incredible will power.

He surrendered his sword to the Nexus when he went against them. Only to try and take control anyways, and then to be torn limb from limb by his own brother, having his memory erased after the fight. He now has regained the powers he had lost. And awaited a chance to use them.


Age: Unknown, estimated to be in the late 60,000 mark.
Gender: Male
Orientation: Homosexual
Dominant hand: Ambidextrous

Natural Hair Color: Black
Current Hair Color: White and Grey
Natural Eye Color: Crimson
Current Eye Color: Cyan with the Nexus Rings.


> Extremely enhanced foot speed capabilities: Rhaxis has the same natural ability as Fear, being able to divert air around his body to remove resistance and inertia. Meaning he can move as fast as he wants, and never have to worry about going too fast and losing his balance. This also means he can turn on a dime no matter the speed at which he is traveling.

> Elemental Kinesis: Rhaxis can kinetically control virtually all elements. Fire, Water, Wind, Earth/Stone/Metal, Light, Darkness, etc. He gained this masterful control over thousands of years of practice and training.

> Nexus Powers: This might as well be a sub category by itself.

-Nexus Energy is just an augmentation medium, it enhances the power of energies that the reaper is using. However, if focused into a form that carries a semi-physical existence, it can be used as a method for attack or defense.

-Nexus Insignia: Rhaxis, like all reapers of the Nexus, has an insignia which forms in front of his chest. It gives him a powerful constant rush of Nexus Aura. This makes him faster, stronger, more precise, and lets him basically fight harder than before.

-Nexus Aura: Nexus Aura can be manipulated like regular aura abilities, but it has an additional power source, the mind as well as the soul. The stronger the willpower of the user, and the more driven they are, the stronger the aura becomes.

-Nexus Optica Revenge: This is the interesting point... The Nexus Optica allows for the Reaper to see energy on every level and at any speed. This also allows them to perceive objects or matter moving at any speed up to mach 1. Rhaxis' Optica Revenge is a stage 3 Optica. There are usually only 3 stages of the Optica, but his brother, Fear, managed to reach a 5th stage... how exactly he did it, Rhaxis has no clue. But as a stage 3 optica, Rhaxis' Revenge is able to give him 360 degree sensory of the things around him for 300 yards. In his direct line of sight, he can perceive things clearly, out of his line of sight, things get really blurry and looks rather distorted. This ability allows him to at least know that something is coming, before it hits him.

-Nexus Resonance: A shield of Nexus aura and energy combined. This shield is usually formed between two orbs of the aura and energy that are held in the air through focus of the mind, casting a shield around the reaper that absorbs energy of both kinetic and psionic natures. This drains it away from the attack but the shield also consumes the energy of the user, weakening them with each use. So using this as a way to just avoid damage, not advisable.

> Enhanced Strength: Rhaxis gained immense strength from his father, making a mountain look like a hill after being struck a few hundred times by a few good swings.

>Fire-proof: Being primarily demonic, Rhaxis is heat and fire proof, meaning they can't harm him.

> Combat Knowledge: Rhaxis spent centuries learning and practicing various forms of martial arts, with and without weapons. His skills with and without his weapons were considered legendary, rivaled only by Arkanous and Fear. Any weapon, any style, he could do it. He also knew how to accurately anticipate his opponents, no matter how powerful. Their movements, and their thoughts almost, they were easy to "Read" for lack of better terminology.


HellCleaver: The darker of the two Scythes that Rhaxis carries with him, infused into his soul. This is a wicked blade, sharp edges and a sickle curve. The blade of the scythe is roughly 4 feet long and 2 feet wide at the base. The scythe handle itself is 7 feet long from bottom to blade base. This Scythe exudes a dark aura that Rhaxis uses to fuse with his Nexus Energy, creating devastating dark attacks. But HellCleaver does not just use darkness. It banishes it. The dark aura of his blade consumes the darkness of others. Meaning that if it were to connect with a demon, the demon would be sucked dry of it's darkness and rendered defenseless.

Resplendence: An icy white scythe that is the twin to HellCleaver. It focuses on the arctic clutches of death through a beautiful display of soul-based energy. The blade itself is 4' long and 2' wide, just like HellCleaver, it is also the same height as it's twin. But unlike the twin, it creates crystals, like ice, made of ethereal aura. A soul based energy. The Crystals themselves are physical, the energy just creates them, so it is not really energy based attacks. The Crystals will encase a victim in it's cold embrace, freezing them from the inside out, their soul being frozen solid and then the crystal is shattered by Rhaxis, causing the victim to be reduced to nothing but icy dust.

-The way the crystals work: The Crystals themselves are like parasites, they need to bond to a host before they can grow. When they grow, they consume their host completely, growing at an exponential rate. A host can be anything physical that Rhaxis' ethereal energy latches onto. Rocks, Animals, Water, anything physical. After one post, the crystals awaken and rise up, or out, or down, or whichever direction they are headed.

-The Crystals are formed by a point of Ethereal energy being made through a designation by Rhaxis through Resplendence, the crystals that form bond to the physical host and become physical. They consume soul and organic material, growing from the inside out. They are not actually ICE, instead they are more like stones from the astral realm.

Rhaxis: Okay, I know what it must look like.. but yes.. Rhaxis himself is a weapon. His arms, legs, and part of his chest [The left side of his chest and rib cage] is somewhat Cybernetic. I say somewhat because of the material it is made of. It consists of a metallic combination of Void Steel within Lunar Steel. The Void Steel of his replaced body parts allows him to naturally absorb practically all forms of energy. The energy is then stored inside the steel using a Void Space technology. It is tiny pockets of void space where nothing exists and room is infinite, but only energy can exist there without being erased entirely from existence. The void steel has trillions of pathways in and out of that void space, allowing for the energy to be drawn in and then released again through the pathways. The Lunar Steel is more like a thread, it is very thin but incredibly strong and durable. The threads of Lunar Steel are extremely light-weight and allows Rhaxis free movement without being weighed down by his prosthetic limbs. These two metals are resistant to rust, decay, corrosion, and basically anything that would damage them over time. They never even lose their color or texture.

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