For those who are curious.
Yes I do have a love, He is mine, Mine only.
Its a long distance relationship but its gone
on since around October of 2012 and I am
loving every bit of it! . . . . .
You ask how im able to stand a long distance relationship?
I have patients . . . . Faith . . . Love and a lot more.
Me and him skype.
We giggle and laugh together even.
Ive been a bone head and fell asleep on him a couple times too!
Its a love that may be a little constricted by distance
but its one me and him are sure about!
He is older than me, Its +3 years older . . .
Ill let you figure out his age as well as my own . . .
Once I am of a certain age I plan to see him more, Meet half way
Maybe visit him in his state and he to mine and what not.
I want to get married to him too <3 He is the one I am so
confident in marrying <3 I love him with all my heart and I know
he loves me just as much maybe more even. If not just equally <3

so there . . . now no more asking . . .