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That perfect smile, his perfect hazel eyes, perfect dark chocolate hair, perfect body, and perfect personality. He could only be described as that. Perfect. His name was Lucas, though he preferred Luke. He wasn't one of the "popular jock" guys, but he did have a large group of friends. Luke as always the center of attention and the life of the party. Even with his popularity among his friends, it never enlarged his ego. In fact, he was rather humble. He never thought of himself as better than anyone else. That was probably part of the reason why he was liked so much.

Lyra watched him from a few tables away. Not staring at him, just glancing every now and again. Someone was bound to notice if she were staring. Especially since she was sitting alone. That made her stand out a little. Lyra was now staring at the food on her tray and poking at it with her plastic spork. High school food wasn't anything like fancy restaurant food. Far from it. Any school food was like that. Rubbery. Inedible. Just plain gross. She sighed heavily, while sneaking another glance at Luke. He was looking right back at her and smiling. Lyra's heart pounded against her ribcage hard. She quickly turned her head to look around the lunch room. She hated that she was to shy too even look at him for more than a few seconds at a time. Luke just turned his attention back to his friends, shrugging it off.

Lyra bit the side of her lip with the piercing for a moment, thinking. Ugh... I can't even smile back at him. I'm so pathetic. She pulled her jet black hair behind her pierced right ear and continued to stab at her food. Another sigh escaped her lips as she grabbed her things and started walking out of the cafeteria. As soon as she stepped out, the bell for the next class rang. It was weird. As soon as the bell rang after lunch, everyone bolted out of there like there was a fire coming for them. The school wasn't that big. What was the hurry?

The rest of the school day was a blur. It always blended together in the end. No matter how much she hated it, though, she had to go. Lyra stared at the sidewalk as she headed home, kicking a few small rocks here and there. A voice called behind her, "Hey, freak!"

Great. Just what she needed. She didn't need to turn around to know who it was. Knowing them, they were with their usual group of friends. Lyra turned around and glared at them. Sophia and her three friends, Eva, Morgan, and Khloe were approaching her. They were the most popular girls in school, and the biggest bitches. Not to mention... they all looked the same. They always wore the same kinds of clothes, all had blonde hair, and the hairstyles were always the same. Lyra was pretty sure they planned everything the night before every day. Or they might have been a part of a Borg of some sort.

Lyra's mouth turned up in a smirk. "What's up, Sophia? Couldn't find one of your twenty boyfriends to have sex with in the supply closet after school?" She was exaggerating. Sophia did tend to sleep around with a lot of guys, though. At least, that's what she would hear from other students.

Sophia didn't look happy at that remark. The four of them stopped and crossed their arms. All at the same time. If Lyra wasn't sure they were a part of a Borg before, she was now. Sophia just stood there for a moment, not sure how to react to her at first. Finally, she came back with, "No, I was hooking up with yours. Oh wait, you don't have one."

Sophia was not notorious for her comebacks. She usually had one of her friends come up with them, but Lyra could tell that was all Sophia. She just laughed and rolled her eyes, "Good one, as always."

"Shut up!" Sophia was now scowling at her. The look in her eye when she glared at Lyra was always the same, hateful glare. Lyra still wasn't sure why they hated her so much. Sophia spoke again, "Why don't you just run home to your mommy before we kick the crap out of you."

Lyra didn't want to admit it, but Sophia had beaten her up before. It wasn't a great feeling, physically or emotionally.

Before Sophia could act, Luke called from behind her, "Hey, Lyra!" The four girls turned around, swooning at his presence. He hardly glanced at them as he approached Lyra. "They giving you a hard time?"

Lyra kept glancing between the ground and Luke while speaking, "Oh, uhh... No, I-I'm fine." She hated how she was stuttering around him, like some shy school girl. Well, she was, anyway. Lyra could tell that Luke was now wearing a smile on his face, "Either way, how about I walk you home?" It sounded more like a statement than a question. Not the she was going to complain. She lowered her head a little before replying, "S-sure. Thanks." As Luke walked away with Lyra, Sophia and her followers could only stand there, mouths agape.