Hi everyone! How are you all doing? So, today I will be telling you guys what happened to me today, 5th of January 2013 (Tuesday). I just got home from school and something really unexpected just happened to me. In my speech class, we were told by our professor 2 weeks ago that we're going to have a mini pageant. Since I'm too lazy, I procrastinated a lot. It's a habit I can't stop xD So yesterday I said I'm going to prepare for this, but I slept almost the whole day. The pageant started and I was awfully nervous, my hands were cold. Sad to say, I was not prepared at ALL. I was hoping our professor would move the pageant day, but he didn't. So the pageant started and I didn't picture getting into the top 5. As our professor announced the winners, I couldn't believe I won. So I asked him if it's all a joke and he said it's not. I'm really happy I won. This is the first pageant I ever joined and I can't believe I won. Truly God is great and I'm sure my mom also helped me wink I feel so blessed to have won.