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Musings of a L34f in a 7r33...
Just as the title states, here shall I post my various Facebook status esque musings about Gaia and stuff in general, should the urge strike me.
Lol, here's a legit musing: So I was walking home, thinking of that whole Schrodinger's cat thing and the concept of a box in a box, but the second box is also in the first box and a pocket dimension due to my saying to myself (I was thinking about how we were going to have to do a slow, graceful-style dance for school which one of my classmates complained about, wanting to do a fast song)(Also, I talk to myself when I walk home) "There's beauty in grace, and, in a way, there's grace in beauty." I then proceeded to compare that statement to how every .ogg file has a .spx file inside, though not all .spx files have .oggs in them, since if they did they'd be the same bloody file. Then I was like "Oh!" as this thought struck: You could have a box in a box with the other box in the one box if they were both the same box since, in a really F'd up way of thinking, one could say that everything is inside itself. That then started bringing back memories of that one "In Soviet Russia" joke on that Portal vid that was like, "In Soviet Russia, portals enter you. Wrap your head around THAT." and my mind crashed in self-defense, lest my mind wander off and leave my sanity behind. (sanity, what sanity?)

So, about a week ago, I... "acquired" a copy of Melty Blood Act Cadenza Version B which I had... "acquired" at a previous time, but deleted due to my hard drive running low on space and me having lost interest in it at that time.

When I ran the CD, I decided to take a delve into the files of the CD itself, and, since I had learned how to read kana between the first time I installed it and the second, I found out there was a folder there called "omake"(extra). Inside, there were 2 folders.

In the one, there were replays that you could run with the game, though when I ran them using the game, all they seemed to be were the characters staring each other down for a number of seconds with their magic circuits going haywire. I wasn't sure if there was alternate music playing or anything, but anyways, I quickly lost interest in those. So I went ahead and checked the second folder.

It was titled "voice" and had 5 folder and a readme inside. I checked the readme, and it was in Japanese, so I Google Translate'd it, and found out very little that I didn't already infer from what I'd seen. The names of the folders were mostly in kanji and what I understood off the top of my head was that the last one said "mail" and the first 2 had "Windows" in romaji before a couple of kanji characters(I recognized the ones on the fist folder to be "shuuryou"(finish/end)). So I browsed the folders, and found around 10 .wav files inside each one. I started playing them, and was quite psyched to find that they were, in fact, voice clips by the different seiyuu(voice actors). I realized before to long, due to my (limited) knowledge of Japanese, I quickly realized that these were messages relaying the starting of Windows, shutting down of Windows, mail alerts, and various other stuff which I couldn't understand very well. Hence, a little more Google Translate'ing, and I came to understand what the folders were: Windows Shutdown, Windows Startup, Emptying the Trash, Other(not entirely sure about this, but the clips don't seem to have much of a theme...), Mail.

This led me to the realization that you can actually edit the Windows sounds. Needless to say, I was bloody overjoyed. I went into my control panel and changed my sounds with gusto. No longer would a beep greet me as I logged in, but instead the random awesome of Arima Miyako. No longer would I power down with some weird other noise, and instead I'd be seen off to sleep by the lovely voice of Kohaku. My computer now yelled something about a kick in Akiha's voice whenever I plugged in some external device(USB flash drive, printer, etc.), and I was seen off with a "Saraba desu, minna-san! Mata Raishuu~!"(roughly "Bye, everyone! See you next week!" wink whenever said device was unplugged. My trash was now proudly proclaimed in Neko Arc Chaos' voice as having been removed, and, after discovering some settings I could fiddle with with Skype, I'm now greeted "good morning" by Kohaku's voice whenever I sign in to Skype.

So that was all very fun, and I started playing the game again, having lost some, but not all, of my prior skill. (The only character/s I probably retained my skills as were Tohno Shiki and maybe Arcueid.) The game has since occupied the last 3 hours of my consciousness without fail.

I am the form of my post.
"Bump" is my body,
Memes are my blood.
I have posted over a thousand messages.
Unknown to ban,
nor known to replies.
Have withstood pain to revive many threads.
Yet, those "bump"s will never say anything.
So as I pray,
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