Starting school again was the best thing I could have done in 2013, but it didn't make my life any easier. Things where equally as difficult, just in different ways. Now my parents, though happy I'm in school, bug me for never talking to them or keeping in contact. My grades, though going up, aren't where they need to be. And even though I don't HAVE a femail, I'm still having femail problems. I just needed a place to vent it all out. Friends at BSU aren't the kind that I can break down and just talk to. No one up here is that kind of person, to just sit down and talk about things personal. I only wish I could bring someone from home up here like that. It's just not as effective to do it over the phone or with someone not at BSU.

PS: I haven't drank or gone crazy at BSU, I'm focusing up this round.