Jiro sat cross-legged atop a boulder spinning a shuriken on his finger while he waited. He had sent his new genin on their morning run across the village and given them instructions to meet him at the very boulder where he waited. After what seemed like a lifetime his genin’s heads popped over the horizon. The three panting children, that’s what they were no title would ever mask that, sat at Jiro’s instruction. “ This is difficult I know I ran this route as a genin myself. I also ran this twice today. Kiko, if you stop you should check that no one is watching. Same goes for you two.” He pointed at the other two breathless genin. He continued to spin the shuriken calmly, they’d stretched their legs now Jiro planned to stretch their minds. “Who writes history?” He waited for answer. The jounin wasn’t the type of sensei who would punish his students if they couldn’t answer him. He always believed that nurturing a flame until it was strong enough to withstand the fierce winds was the best approach. “The answer is simple. Winners write history” The shuriken continued spinning. “Right now a teacher is sitting on a different boulder telling his student his point of view, his beliefs. This creates a problem because those beliefs differ from ours.” His students were confused but attentive. “ I want you to think about this: if your point of view differs from another’s does that make you their enemy? If so, are you willing to do whatever is necessary so that one day it is your beliefs that are written in the annals of history? Think about it. You have until the end of today.”

Where were they? Their patrol had set up camp here not half an hour ago. Jiro combed the ground looking for clues. He had left his squad under the direction of his best friend, they weren’t ready for this. 8 rouge shinobi were on Kiri land and by scouting reports they looked like head hunters. Jiro along with 2 other jounin had been chosen to looking the group. He gave the signal for his partners to stop something wasn’t adding up. He looked at the area and a thought shot through his mind. They had underestimated their opponents! This was a trap. The three Kiri shinobi heard the bushes rustle but it was too late the trap was sprung. Jiro jumped back at shuriken landed where he stood moments ago.