After the rather interesting encounter with the peculiar demon kid, the team all decided to move over to HQ. Tommy looked at Ryan and asked, “What up?”. Ryan simply replied, “Nuthin,” seemingly unsure of what to do next. “Devin is really weird, Ryan,” Tommy stated, quite bluntly. “...... no offense.”

“Weird?”, inquired Ryan.

“Well, he just started shrieking and s**t. It was very disturbing. I suggest keeping a good distance away from him...”

“Yeah, me too. Once Yin learns that he is still alive, he will want to bring Devin's memory back, and then Devin will be a dangerous enemy.”

“Yeah”, nodded Tommy. “So, what do we do now?”

“I dunno,” answered Ryan again.”

Tommy chuckled. “Okay.”

Both Tommy and Ryan were just standing there awkwardly, looking for something exciting to do. To break the silence, Tommy said, “So...... Hey Ryan...”

“Yeah?” Ryan replied.

“Are we alone?”

“Uhh....” Ryan glances around the room quickly, then looks back at Tommy. “ .....Yeah.”

“Okay.....” sighed Tommy, looking slightly nervous.

“Why?”, asked Ryan out of curiosity.

“Well,” Tommy started. “I was wondering if I could ask your opinion about....... something kinda serious?”

“Sure,” Ryan listened.

“Umm...” Tommy hesitated, rubbing the back of his head. “How do you think Tetris feels about me?”

Ryan chuckled. “Why do you ask?”

“Well...” Tommy hesitated again, trying to find the right words. “Because..... I really love her a lot, and, uh..... Well, I was wondering about the idea of telling her.”

Ryan thought about it for a minute. “I wouldn't...... Not yet.” he advised. “But.... Well.... soon.” At those words, Tommy's eyes lit up. “Let's just say......” Ryan continued. “... She's warming up to you. Another date, and... well... soon.”

With that, Tommy chuckled with excitement, but he was also amused by the way Ryan said that. “Okay, thanks!” Tommy smiled. “Anytime,” smiled Ryan.

Tommy was still puzzled though. “Umm....... What does it mean when you say she's 'warming up to me'?” Tommy giggled, feeling a bit embarrassed. “I'm not very good with expressions...” But by that point, Ryan had already left the room. “Huh... Okay then,” he spoke to himself. Tommy was there alone. Everyone else was in a different area of HQ.

So with that, Tommy decided to play his electric guitar. He picked it up, fired up the ol' amplifier, and strummed a chord, getting ready to play a song. He then proceeded to play the song Revolution I, off of the Beatles White Album. It was the seven minute version, so he was playing for a while.

After he finished the song, he decided that he was done for now, and shut off the amp.

“That was nice.” said a soft voice out of nowhere.

Tommy spun around and saw that it was Tetris. For a second, Tommy gazed at her beauty. He got a bit nervous, but managed to squeeze out a “Thanks!” and smile back at her. He put down the guitar and shut the amp off, then looked back at her, slightly embarrassed that she was watching him. They both giggled a bit, then Tetris asked him, “When did you learn to play?”

“Uhh, about three years ago,” replied Tommy, rubbing the back of his head again. “Actually, I sorta taught myself...” His face turned a little red.

“Wow!” Tetris exclaimed.

“Heh, yeah,” Tommy giggled.

She slowly approached him, peering over at the guitar. “ teach me?”

“Sure!” replied Tommy excitedly. “It's actually quite easy to learn.”

“Okay!” she smiled.

Tommy picked up his electric guitar and turned on the amplifier. He carefully handed the guitar over to Tetris, and she took it. She then gradually held it across her waist, then sat down in the chair so she could rest it on her lap.

“Okay, now what would you like to play?” Tommy asked. Examining the fretboard thoughtfully, she asked, “Well...what's an easy song to learn?”

Tommy thought for a second. “Hmm....... Well, the song I was playing is actually really simple. It's only got like four chords in the whole song.” They both chuckled. “Yeah,” Tommy continued. “The chords are just played at different times. Now, the first chord is an A.” Tommy then took Tetris' left hand, and lined her fingers on the frets of the guitar to form an A chord.

“That's how you play it,” he explained.

“Okay,” replied Tetris, looking down at her fingers.

“Then, you just strum.”

Tetris gradually strummed the chord she formed with her fingers, causing the chord to reverberate from the amplifier. It sounded quite nice for her first go at it.

“There you go! You got it!” smiled Tommy.

They both giggled.

“Now, the next chord is a D, which is like the easiest chord,” Tommy continued. “It's just this.......” He put her fingers on the frets to show Tetris the chord. Without hesitating, Tetris then played the chord. This time it sounded louder and more apparent than the last. Tommy giggled in excitement. “Nice! That's it!” he smiled.

Tetris smiled back at him, “I'm playing the guitar!”

“Yeah! Now, the last chord that exists in the song is E7.”

Looking back down at the frets, she replied, “That sounds complicated!”

“Well, it's a little more complicated, but it feels comfortable. So that makes it less hard.”


Tommy showed Tetris the chord on the frets with her fingers. “ ........ That's E7,” he stated.

“Okay, I'll try it,” replied Tetris.


With that, Tetris played the chord beautifully. She then started strumming slowly to her own rhythm.

“Wow! That's awesome!” Tommy exclaimed. “I've never seen someone learn the guitar that fast!” Tetris giggled as she happily continued strumming on the guitar.

“Now all you have to do is put those chords together and play the song!” said Tommy.

With that, Tetris stopped strumming the guitar and just sat there with a blank look on her face.

“Well, not literally, you don't play them all at the same time.” explained Tommy.

“Uhh.....” she groaned.

“You play each one in some kind of order.” Tommy continued.

At that point, Tetris immediately put the guitar down and got up from the chair. She walked away from Tommy, not saying a word.

“Wh--.... What's wrong?” asked Tommy. “Are you ok??”

“I.....I dont feel so good....” Tetris moaned, facing away from him.

Tommy was now getting worried.

Holding her head, Tetris whimpered, “I........What's going on? Where am I?!”

Tommy got up from his seat. “Tetris??”

“I.... cant....... concentrate.......” she cried. “I..... can'!!!”

Tommy gasped, glancing around him, as the walls start to shake. “What the ********!” Suddenly, objects started to lift off the ground. The floor began vibrating underneath his feet. “Oh my god.......” Tommy said frightened, looking down at his feet. “This is Freddy Krueger s**t, man!”

Tetris suddenly screamed at the top of her lungs, and her body began lifting off the floor. She had lost control of her telekinetic powers. Hearing the commotion, Jax darted into the room. “TETRIS!” yelled Jax. “YO! WHAT'S GOIN' ON?!?!?!”

“I DON'T KNOW!!!” cried Tommy. “SOMETHING'S HAPPENING WITH TETRIS!” The walls around everyone started to crumble. “WE MIGHT BETTER LEAVE!” Tommy quickly suggested without thinking. Tetris let out another high-pitched cry. “TETRIS!” Tommy panicked. “Oh God!!!” At this point, objects were rapidly flying around the room, crashing into each other repeatedly.

“NOT THIS AGAIN!” Tommy yelled.

“TOMMY!!!!!! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLP!!!!” cried Tetris. As the mayhem continued, she floated in the center of all of it, completely immobile. She let out another scream.

“HOLD ON! I'M COMIN'!” Tommy called out to her. As he approached her, debris started flying into his face and legs. He knew he had to take his time and be careful, but never give up. A minute later, Ryan ran into the room. “OH NO!!!” he yelled, seeing the chaos before his eyes. “YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN!” replied Tommy.

Tetris let out another ear-piercing scream. She floated in the middle of the room, as damaged furniture continued vigorously swirling and twisting around her like a deadly tornado. Tetris was the eye of the storm.

At this point, Tommy did what he knew he had to do. He then closed his eyes and concentrated. 'Tetris! can you hear me?', he thought.

After a minute, she finally replied, 'Tommy...'

'Can you hear me?', he thought to her. Suddenly, Tommy's guitar flew in and smacked him in the face. “UGH!” he grunted. “Oh man...” he said to himself. He then continued to concentrate. 'Tetris.... I need you to focus... Please.....'

Out of nowhere, a computer headed toward Ryan. “RYAN, LOOK OUT!” yelled Tommy. Ryan gasped and turned toward it. With a quick energy flare, Ryan blasted it to pieces. Seeing this, Tommy briefly sighed with relief.

“DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME! YOU HAVE TO GET CLOSER TO TETRIS!” Ryan called out to Tommy. “OK!”, Tommy replied. He then turned to Tetris, closed his eyes, and went back to concentrating. 'Tetris..... please..... you need to concentrate...' he tried encouraging her. 'I know you can do it because you were able to do it before.'

No response.

Ryan called out to Tommy, “YOU HAVE TO GET CLOSER!”. Unfortunately, Tommy couldn't hear him over the chaos in the room. Tommy continued concentrating. 'Focus on your goal really hard.... Just focus, and try not to think about too many thoughts at once.... Please, Tetris.'

Ryan saw that Tommy wasn't approaching her. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?!” he yelled. “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?!?! YOU HAVE TO GET CLOSER!!! FOR THE THIRD TIME!!!!!!!!!!” Ryan was starting to panic now. The ceiling was beginning to cave in piece by piece, and the telekinetic storm was getting worse.

“I HEARD YOU BEFORE!!!” yelled Tommy.

“BUT YOU DIDNT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW GO!!!!!”



Tommy tried to move up to where Tetris was floating. More and more debris flew all over the place, making it difficult. Tetris let out another scream, which was now hardly audible, as the storm increased in intensity. “HANG IN THERE TETRIS!” Tommy cried out, his hair blowing with the gusts of wind formed by all the uncontrollable telekinetic energy. “I'M GETTING THERE!” He was now about six feet away from her. Suddenly, a clock wire tripped Tommy. “OW!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he cried, and fell down. “OOF!!” As the telekinetic storm intensified every minute, Tommy decided to stay on the floor, and began to crawl toward her. He was almost there. At this point, the incredible force pushing Tommy away was so strong that his skin was starting to peel off.

“Oh my ******** God!” he cried as he saw his arm. “My skin!”

However, he ignored it and attempted to continue his way to Tetris. Large amounts of Tommy's blood flew off of his body as the telekinetic force tore away at him.

Tommy then closed his eyes and tried concentrating again. 'Tetris! Can you hear me?'

'Tommy...' she replied telepathically.

'Please, Tetris! Please try to concentrate.... We're all counting on you!'

Suddenly, the incredible force blew Jax through a wall in the room.

Tommy continued, 'I know you can do it because this has happened before, remember?'

'Its so much stronger this time....', she replied.

Tommy froze there on the floor in fear. Ryan called out to him again, “TOMMY!”





Tommy turned to face Tetris again and continued concentrating. 'Tetris, you are stronger this time, you're stronger than you were before because you don't have Demon Tetris in you anymore. You can do it...'

Suddenly, a flying chair crashed into Ryan. “UGH!”, he yelled out in pain.

Tetris let out another scream.

'Tetris! Believe in yourself!' Tommy encouraged her again. 'I know you can!'

No response.

'Please try, Tetris, because if you don't we're all going to get hurt!'

Ryan called out to Tommy once more. “TOMMY! THE FORCE IS GETTING STRONGER!!!!!”

“I KNOW!” Tommy replied. Tommy tried again really hard to get up even closer to her, but it was just too difficult. Almost like a blender, there was too much debris and furniture pieces swirling rapidly. A fog was building up from all the dust. It was nearly impossible at this point to get any closer than he already was.



Suddenly, Tommy got an idea, and began to charge his energy up.

Ryan noticed this. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”



Soon, Tommy was halfway charged. A lamp came careening towards Tommy. But luckily, Ryan saw it and blasted it off of him. “THANKS!” yelled Tommy out to Ryan. Jax climbed out of the wall he smashed into. “THIS IS ******** UP, *****!!!!!” he shouted. Finally, Tommy was now fully charged. Closing his eyes, he planted his hands firmly together and positioned them behind him. As he released all the energy he built up, he let out a loud cry. A huge explosion ejected from behind him, and Tommy is blasted right up against Tetris. “It worked!” yelled out Tommy.

He then began to concentrate again. 'Tetris! Can you hear me?!'

'Yes.....' she replied. 'But you're fading...'

'I don't have much time........ Please, Tetris... You need to concentrate.'

'I..... CAN'T!' she cried.

'I know you can do it! Please try....... For me...' Tommy begged her.

'I CAN'T!!!!'

'Oh God...... There's gotta be a way you can control it.... We're all going to get killed if you can't..' Tommy replied in fear.

At this point, she couldn't hear him anymore. “SHE'S FADING!!!” Ryan yelled. “YOU HAVE TO GET CLOSER!!!!!!!!!!!”

“OKAY!!!!!!!” replied Tommy, but he couldn't get any closer. Tommy was already right up against Tetris. “OH s**t!!!! WHAT NOW?!?!?!” yelled out Jax, frantically.

Tommy concentrated even harder. 'Tetris, why does this happen? Do you know?'

But no response.

“SHE CAN'T HEAR YOU UNLESS YOU GET CLOSER!!!!!” yelled out Ryan one more time.

“I'M RIGHT UP AGAINST HER, RYAN!!!” yelled Tommy.


Glancing back at Tetris' emotionless face, he yelled out. “WE'RE PRACTICALLY TOUCHING!”

With that, Ryan's face suddenly lit up. He had sprung an idea. “WAIT!!! THATS IT!!!!! TOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!”

Tommy turned his head toward Ryan again. “WHAT?”


With that, Tommy's eyes widened. He wasn't sure if he was ready for that. As his hair blew in the telekinetic winds, he slowly turned back towards Tetris.

“ITS THE ONLY WAY TO GET CLOSER!!!” Ryan called out, reassuring him. After staring at Tetris for a moment, he realized that if he really loved this girl, this was something he had to do. It was time to show her how much he really cared about her. “OKAY!” he finally yelled out.

Tommy looked at Tetris, wrapped his arms around her waist, and with all his guts, kissed her right on the lips. Immediately, Tetris's eyes opened. Her telekinesis was so strong that it lifted him off the ground. But with her in his embrace, he wasn't going anywhere.

As the two of them floated in the center of the room, everything started to slow down. Tetris looked at him.



'….......... I love you.'

'............. I love you too.'

At that moment, everything dropped to the floor, and the telekinetic storm finally stopped. Tommy then finally ended the kiss, and looked around at the finally peaceful surroundings of the room. Tetris stared at him, tears glistening in her multicolored eyes, and leapt into him, hugging him very tightly. “Thank you, Tommy.” she said softly. Tommy smiled and hugged her back. “No problem.”

At this point, Ryan and Jax were sitting against a wall, catching their breath. They peered over at Tommy and Tetris as their feet lowered to the floor, still in each others' embrace.

“Ya know.....” Jax sighed. “Maybe it's time I settled down with some b***h.” This made Tommy and Tetris giggle.

“Ryan looked at Jax, still breathing heavily. “......Stick with the pimpin' life, Jax.”, he advised to him, patting him on his shoulder.

“...... Okay.” Jax replied.