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Little Black Book of Eventually Read Secrets
Life Happens
So this journal is in regards to my puppy, Dexter.

He's 6 years old now. A medium schnauzer, and absolutely lovable. Hes super clingy to me, and adores my future husband. His best friend is Maci the cat, and he loves to play with the dog next door between the fence in our backyard.

He's chatty and likes to bark when he sees people outside. But he's super shy when people actually come to the house, and usually hides behind me and barks at them till they actually sit down and get to his level where he can investigate them.

He's gone through quite a bit this last year since I've moved to Timmins. His anxiety levels have gone down, but were instead replaced with a handful of health problems. The most noticeable are his legs. In august he was admitted into surgery to fix his right leg after he ruptured the cruciate ligament in his knee. It healed quick enough and he gained full mobility in his leg once again, but in december, his left leg went.

So that brings us to today, I suppose. I brought him into the vet today, and got some good news and bad news. The good news, is that they are willing to do the surgery again on his left leg, and for cheaper then last time with a flexible payment plan over 4 months. (I only have to pay 266 a month to pay it off, which is hell of a lot better then before, where as I had to pay 500. That put us in a hole, and the vet was sympathetic to that and offered us a better deal.)

The bad news, however...

Well, in December, I noticed Dexter had a lump on his ribcage, just behind his left front leg. I was concerned at first, but lacked the funds to do anything about it immediately. So, I opted for keeping an eye on it.

Luckily, it reduced in size, and I wrote it off as a hematoma (deep bruise) from when he fell down the stairs in the back, end of November.

Unfortunately, the vet confirmed it was worse then that. My puppy has cancer.

The vet told me he has Lymphoma, but its dormant, so its not a rising concern at the moment. Lymphoma is a deadly cancer, where the usual life expectancy after diagnosis is 2 months. The lymph node under his front left leg is infected.

...well then...

I guess it didn't really sink in at first how sick he could be, so I didn't ask questions. I just nodded, and said, "I guess I kind of figured it was something like that."

I'm fortunate, though. At the moment, the tumor hasn't grown in size, or begun to spread. He's still eating and drinking, and going to the bathroom. Still has energy, and runs around like a rascal and loves to play.

I guess for now, I'll just assume he has another 5 years of good quality life before I have to do anything. But the vet let me know that when the time comes, and something must be done, she'll do it personally, and make sure its done right. (I'm talking about surgery, of course. Up here, Dexter is all I got other then my husband. Not writing him off yet. But, I guess when the time does come for THAT, I'd rather do it at home with medication...or something...No one wants to think about that. haha.)

So I guess right now I'm just looking forwards to his procedure on thursday. Dreading the therapy work I'll need to do with him for the next 90 days, but excited at the idea I'll have my hyper, full-of-life puppy back. Looking forwards to him being able to jump up on my lap again, get on the bed with no problems, give me hugs and over all have no more hip problems while he's so young. Haha.

But anyways, thats all for now.

Till next update.

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