Leon,"Your in no condition to be doing something like that."
"I am. Just give me this time to rest."
Ferus looks at me, then Leon. Leon looks at me, and sighs,"If you think you can, then I won't stop you."
I nod slowly,"Promise me one thing....keep him safe if something happens."
Leon nods,"I promise that I'll get you both out."
With that he leaves. Sherry enters, with water for Ferus and I. I thank her. She then leaves and I spend the next hour resting, talking to Ferus to pass the time and get his mind off of everything.
The time has come, time to leave. The others come into the room. I force myself to stand. I'm either convincing or they aren't asking because Leon gives me a gun, and the others don't really say much when he gives me one. I notice another in the room, a young man with a bald head and normal clothing. Chris speaks,"Leon and I will lead. Sherry, Ferus, and Aron, you three stay in the middle. Piers and Jake will take the back. Just follow Leon and I. Any questions?"
Glances are exchanged, but nothing is said. Chris,"Great. Then let's get out of here."