I drop my keys, knife in hand, and run for the back door. The only one they aren't coming through at the time. I hold Ferus who is too scared to say anything at this point. He just clings to me, head in my shoulder, shaking again. Opening the door, one from outside charges me. I stab his head, and continue to run. We don't have a fence around our house, none of us do in this neighborhood. I hear a gun fire and looking back I see the closest one to me falls. Looking to my right, where the shot came, I hear a voice saying to run this way, so I do. When I see the face, I don't reconize him. A man with shortish hair, the color a mix between brown and blond. He wears straight black, a leather jacket as well. He's shooting at the ones coming closer. There's a van next to him and he nods fir me to go in. I get in, and he follows closing the door. Another man imediately drives off. He wears an olive green sort of shirt with a symbol on the side that reads BSAA. The man next to him has the same emblem on his sleeve and the same colored shirt. I look at the one man, putting the knife in my boot,"Thank you."
He nods,"You alright?"
"Neither of us we're bitten. He's just shaken up."
The man puts out his hand,"I'm Leon S Kennedy."
I take his hand, shaking it,"Aron Olin."