***Going to try something new. Resident Evil and Devil May Cry refrences, but with people from an RP I did a few years ago. The main character's name is Aron Olin. He's 27 with a 7 year old son.***
A yell from down the hall.
This is what wakes me up. I sit up, thinking of what it would be. My wife sits up, I tell her to stay here. She nods, then I hear something else.
I'm on my feet in seconds, racing down the hall. I throw the door open to his room to see him next to his bed, nearing the corner of his room, getting away from a man. I grab the man, throwing him back and to the ground. I see his face...if it is a face. It's like what you'd see in those horror movies, the undead walking amoung us. Zombies.....but that can't be it. I make that ocnclusion until he trys to bite me. I throw the bed sheet over Ferus, my son, and grab his baseball bat. I hit the zombie's head and it falls dead. I drop the bat, staring at it until Ferus says my name. He can't see the blood or head from where I'm standing, thankfully. He stares at me with wide eyes, fear across his face as he shakes. I go to him, holding him tight. He grabs me tightly, putting his head in my shoulder. I pick him up, placing my hand against his head to make sure it stays there. Leaving, I go back to my wife. I get to the door and hear a scream. My eyes widen as I open the door. She now lyes dead as three other zombies devower her. They look at me, and that's when I close the door. I run in the other direction, grabbing my keys. Getting outside, there are too many near my car. I run back in, grab a knife from the kitchen. That's when they get in. From the windows and doors, they finally break through.