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this will b pure random stuff, i doubt ill write in it much, but ull just hafta find that out 4 urself =P u nvr no... NVR!!!
shujin = criminal, desho?
a criminal- adult/young adult male, wanted and known worldwide, almost everyone knows who he is (but people see him and just feel disgusted, is he still wanted? is he free?)
heinous crimes, involve a dog that saw him and it hates him?, meets a stray puppy who lets him pet it and is fine w/his company, ~this beautiful soul doesn't know what i've done...~, most dogs don't know what he's done and they'll accept his affection, so he likes dogs?
meets a girl, young adult (i think so, but looks younger?), ~this beautiful soul doesn't know what i've done~, she doesn't recognize him at all and treats him kindly, caring for a poor dirty homeless guy, criminal may have wanted love for some time but he was already a criminal and it seemed pretty much impossible, he falls in love with this girl caring for him who doesn't know who he is, he is himself though with a bad past
an adult, man, comes to take girl away, he's her brother?, she looks up at him with a questioning look, "no, don't take her away from me!" criminal shouts as a he pulls a gun on the man, girl is shocked, criminal tells girl to back away from man and stay with him (criminal), criminal wants her and wants to keep her and doesnt want her to leave him and he doesnt want to lose her, this person who has cared for him and stuck w/him/kept him company
^^^^ did he imagine that thinking "no, she wouldnt like that (if he pulled a gun on the man, esp. if he's her brother)", but he still yells "no, don't take her away from me!" but he just reaches out, and girl turns back w/half-smile and says "relax... i can come visit you another day..." (<-- tone as if she understands criminal has some problems, maybe attachment problems or has been alone too long), she's being taken back home and can leave the house and visit criminal again (he's homeless), criminal is like "oh... right...", and lets the man take the girl?
im pretty sure criminal killed some people, feels like more than just killing one family of at least three members; it's ambiguous as to whether criminal regrets his past? i dont think he feels like "i want to change, my life sucks now and i screwed the hell up by murdering some guys and i wish i was a better person," he may feel like "i was a criminal, gotta move on w/my life now," he may still be a criminal, he loves this girl but hes a dang criminal, what does that mean for protecting her? hiding his criminal past from her? hiding his current crimes from her? showing her that hes a criminal and making her keep quiet? or forcing her to go along with him? but, ~this beautiful soul doesn't know what i've done~, he wouldn't want her to know then, but he may still be a criminal, its just in his nature to do unjust things or something (ex. theft, maybe theft to keep alive since hes homeless and poor), and he'd have to "do his work" or do anything criminal behind-the-scenes
it sounds like this love cant make it for this guy, maybe hell have a bad ending or have a happy ending with someone else, lol if he finally ends up with like a nun who believes he can start w/a blank slate and can ignore his past and live with him as a normal couple
i dont think he has mental issues, a possible cause for his murders, but i dont know why he killed anyone, he just felt like it? does that point towards mental illness then? o ho ho (no, not for this guy, he's got a pretty good grip on his head, but maybe his way of thinking is a bit extreme and that's why he's mentally ill/abnormal? maybe abnormal, but i dont want him to be labeled as crazy he's just a guy whos wronged and is looking for love,,, lol, or maybe needs/yearns for some romantic TLC)

i dont really know or remember where this came from lol, but dis is a character idea, lol
and at some point this guy reminded me of that guy from les mizerables, jean valjean lol (had to make sure of the name cause i had the name of the main character and officer mixed up til the end of the movie lol 'XD)

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