I loved this idea I found and decided to borrow it.

Also here is an RP I would love to do (Yes I took it from another RPer but she said I could use it.)
RP Setting 6
Location: Meadow, or Forest beside a river
Plot: In this scenario, My character is a princess of a kingdom that is at war with another country, though my character does not seem to care about politics and battle and often leaves the kingdom to go out and act like a normal girl. One day, My character leaves the kingdom and goes on a small tour of the woods where she find an injured woman (Your character). My character immediately goes and helps the woman, not knowing that the woman is in fact a soldier from the warring country that is attacking my characters kingdom. After days, weeks, and maybe even months of visiting the woman, both sense a deep connection within each other and want to take their relationship a step ahead. In this one, either your character will have that special part between their legs. For some drama, the woman could even tell my character that she is a soldier that was attacking her kingdom
Length: Long-term only.

For added interest, I would like to add impregnation. I love that and added equipment women so two for the price of one.

If wanted for guys, we can Rp this as well. The soldier will just be male. Easy fix.