(1:25:45 PM) nonfrosh #n: It seems like you're in a confusing relationship with the Vita and 3DS
(1:25:47 PM) nonfrosh #n: razz
(1:25:50 PM) DG: I'm cheating on them
(1:25:51 PM) nonfrosh #n: ah, I see
(1:25:53 PM) DG: it's like a triangle
(1:25:56 PM) DG: they both vie for my love
(1:26:10 PM) nonfrosh #n: It must be fun
(1:26:15 PM) nonfrosh #n: like a dating sim or something
(1:26:18 PM) DG: shhh
(1:26:40 PM) nonfrosh #n: The secret ending involves getting both of them. >.>
(1:26:45 PM) DG: um
(1:26:51 PM) DG: but I don't ship Vita-tan with your 3DS