After Luis and Ada are attended to, we pile in the two SUV's they brought and leave. My father, Chris' dad, Luis, Ada, and I get in one, Chris, Piers, Claire, and his mom in the other. My dad takes the front seat next to Chris' dad whos driving. Luis lays in the middle seat, out cold. I take the back, where Ada has been layed. I rest her head on my leg. I brush back the hair in her face, revealing the bandages. She has two on her face, one on her right cheek, the other on the left side of her forehead.
The ride is long. After at least an hour, we're at their house. It's a huge log cabin.
Once everyone's in, we all relax. I stay with Ada, who has been layed on one of the beds. Luis is in another room, but they don't expect him to wake up for at least a day or so. Ada could wake up at any moment. Sitting against her bed, I wait. I hold her hand, waiting.
After 20 minutes or so, I feel her hand grip mine. Looking at her, I see that she's staring back. She smiles and I smile back. Getting on my knees, I put a hand on her face, switching my right hand to hold hers. She looses her smile,"Are we out?"
I nod,"You made it...You we're strong back there."
She nods,"Yeah...Are you ok?"
I nod,"Of course."
We keep each other's glance for a while until she talks,"Get to bed. I've kept you up, I'm sorry."
"Don't be."
But I finally realize how tired I am,"I don't want to leave you."
There isn't another bed in the room though. She sees this and shrugs,"There's enough room for two."