I set down Luis, looking around. Thankfully, whoever was shooting at the zombies seemed to make some impact. I haven't seen anything since. I catch the others to my right, standing and waving. Chris is carrying someone in his hands, and at the distance they're at, I can't make out who. Seeing my father and Piers gives me some relief, but that leaves Ada and Claire. As they grow closer, I make out the butterflies on the left side of the person's dress. I want to run to them, see if she's ok, but I can't leave Luis. After a few minutes, they are a few feet infront of us. I run over to them,"What happened?!"
Ada's eyes are closed and she has blood running down her face from a wound that is wrapped by Piers' scarf. The scarf is filling with blood. Chris,"There was an explosion, after we seperated. She was the closest to it. I tried to get to her first but..."
I see the scars on his face from trying, a few bruses as well. My father puts his left hand on my shoulder,"She'll be fine. What happened to Luis?"
"He was shot, he needs a medic."
Claire,"Our parents are going to be here in a few minutes, they both are medics and brought supplies."
I nod. We go over to Luis, where Chris lays Ada down. Chris lays Luis down, removing the belt and placing his hand on the wound. Claire stays with Ada. I sit next to Luis, who looks at me and shakes his head,"Go over to Ada. She needs you."
I shake my head,"I'm here for you. Claire is with here."
He laughs,"Your loco. Get over with your girlfriend, I'll be fine."
This makes my dad look up, raising his eyebrow,"What?"
Luis,"Oh....my bad."
"I....um....Well, when they we're helping you, in surgery. She was talking with me to keep my mind off of you. One thing led to another, and I asked her to be my girlfriend..."
My dad smiles,"That's great. Took you long enough."
I look at him. Chris, Piers, and Luis laugh.
"What's that suppose to mean?"
My dad looks at me again, laughing,"You think I didn't know that you loved her? You have for years."
At that moment, Chris and Claire's parents come and I sigh in relief.