After a few minutes, I have to put him down. Trying to keep him awake is hard. He's bleeding and dehydrated, not a good mix. I find a bathroom, locking it after checking for anyone. Thankfully, no one was there. I get him to the sink and make him drink the water. It's not the cleanest, but it's all we have. After setting him against a wall, I take off my belt. I tie it around him, trying to slow the bleeding. He winces, but it has to be done. His eyes are closing again, I put my hand on his face, making him look at me,"Hay, stay with me. Your going to be fine, but I need you to stay awake."
He slowly nods,"Get water. Your the one who needs it."
I nod, getting some for myself. It's been a long day. The water is anything but fresh, but it's what I've needed. After getting enough to keep me going, I pick Luis back up. I grab a broom from the supply closet, that being the best weapon there, and start walking.
After another 5 or 10 minutes, I've reached the Wal-mart,"Luis, look what I see."
He laughs hoarsly,"Hope everyone's alright."
"Of course they are."