Chiyo's mom/dad: Unknown
Jaggy's mom/dad: Unknown
Sasori's mom/dad: Etro and Phantin, right?
Chesire's mom/dad: Vex and Closhia or Etro, supposedly
Azoth's parents: Wat.
Nicholi's parents: Wat.
Etro's parents: Wat. N/A
Closhia's parents: Wat.
Vex's parents: Wat.
Melody's parents: If we don't know Azzy's, this is a giant duh.
Alice's parents: Known to be Etro and someone else, but who knows
Rosa/Isis/Fate: N/A
Aya's: Jaggy and Chi
Arriella: Supposedly Lucette and the paradoxes, but this might be all a lie.
Thorn: Wat.

I'd name off everyone but even I can't remember everyone

And Air has this curse thing where her eyes flash white and it'll go more into depth when she touches water


Claudy must go after Eithel, this I command