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Sigheild had just finished brushing off her shield after the previous sparring match. She'd left her blade jabbed into the ground not too far ahead of her so she could spend more time sharpening her blade. Sigheild was a captain of the Soren king's guard. She was an excellent warrior that had earned the respect of her enemies and those appointed under her through battle. At the moment, she was taking on the king's challenge of fighting one opponent of high status and having the numbers increase to five before earning her reward. The matches were held in the gigantic halls of the king's throne room. The flooring under her feet was shiny to the point where she could see her reflection in the marble tiles. The columns that ran up the sides of the throne room reached up to the roof, fitting a giant in height. From where she sat, she could see the king sitting on his throne waiting for the match to begin. He was a rather handsome man who mirrored her in terms of beauty. She was only nineteen but had been training at a very young age to earn her place under his rule. The king, however was in his thirties. His skill in combat was fabled and legendary. Something that the seasoned knights would speak of to give young trainees hope or a goal to reach. Sigheild hadn't been out to war since she used her skill to guard the king but had fought with many of the soldiers. Some matches ended well while others... Not so much...

Sigheild finally stood after seeing her opponents stand and ready themselves, taking their weapons in hand. She ran her right hand through her brown hair before letting it fall back over her left eye. Her silver eyes gave off a commanding but gentle look in ways that confused most. She carried herself like a lady in and out of armor and her fighting style was femininely gracious. She was armored at certain points of her body that she knew would serve as a last resort defense in her method of fighting. Her shoulders down to her fingertips were fully armored though it was light and flexible through the joints and red cloth underneath. Her neck was armored, having a diamond shaped crest frame the partings of her armor with two long crimson tassels hanging down behind her down to her knees. She had armor over her luscious breasts though it left her soft flat belly exposed. But that wasn't anything her shield couldn't guard. From her curves, her belly button gave off an alluring look down to her waist. She was lightly armored at her hips and barely covered to an extent. Her belts crossed to the top rim of her crimson plaid skirt which barely covered much and rode up to give a glimpse of her incredible ass. A thin black line could be seen in the middle of where her belts parted to reveal that she was wearing underwear. Her half faulds were scaled, covering the left of her hips and upper thighs. Her thick thighs were hugged by crimson stockings that transitioned to her iron high-heeled grieves. Sigheild patted her silver shield with her right hand as she approached her one-handed sword. Her hips switched, catching the eyes of the warriors around her and even the king's.

The marble under her feet transitioned to three stone steps that lead to a slightly elevated platform. The stone eventually lead to grass which was healthy and green but somewhat destroyed from her four previous battles. Her five opponents stepped onto the rather large platform before taking their positions in a circle around her. Three men and two women. One man holding a large hammer with the other two carrying swords. One of the women had been armed with a sword and shield, being scantly armored as she was with the other holding a short sword and a pole-arm. They stood, watching her with their weapons at their sides as she stood their casually. Seeing them so silent without hesitation made her feel like this battle might give her a run for her money. These guys held themselves in a much different way than her other opponents who hadn't done much. She calmed her thoughts, pushing her negativity out of her head before beginning to focus on the enemy. By the sound of a horn, the match begin and her opponents charged at her in all directions with weapons ready at low and high positions. Sigheild stood still, waiting for the first to approach before simply taking one step to the side and watching as the man's blade sliced downward. She kicked at his ribs, throwing him off balance before turning to guard two swords that had descended on her from above with her shield. She slid back then charged at her opponents, knocking them to the ground. Sigheild turned just in time to dodge the next attack which was followed by a light gust of wind. That hammer was nothing to play with. She would have to avoid his attacks and find an opening through all the chaos. These guys were good. And the fact that there were five worried her. Thrusts from the pole-arm were aimed at her torso after she shield bashed the hammer wielder. She managed to guard the thrusts before seeing a powerful thrust being aimed at the middle of her shield, aiming to break it. Sigheild winced before sliding her blade along the pole-arm to push it away as she advanced. She threw an uppercut with the edge of her shield into her enemy's exposed belly, watching the breath escape her with a moan as her eyes rolled back. "That's one down." she said in her head as her opponent fell. One of the men advanced with his blade halfway through a slice. Sigheild gasped, randomly slicing her blade in panic to have the man catch a blow across his chest. Blood spewed out of the wound before he was dragged off the platform. "Three left..." she said, her breath heavy with fatigue. The warrior wielding the hammer approached and swung the hammer down on her but she was quick to react. She cut the handle, just above his hands and dodged in one motion before feeling the rumble of the hammer head dig into the ground. Upon turning around she caught a punch to her jaw. The quick retaliation of her opponent had definitely caught her off guard.

Sigheild raised her shield to defend but it was quickly knocked away by a spikeless mace that the hammer wielder pulled out of nowhere. She turned and sliced, accidentally catching the other female who she had completely ignored. Blood gushed from her opponent's waist before the woman fell. The other male warrior used his partner's falling body as a decoy, charging with his blade raised before managing to knock Sigheild's blade out of her hand while losing his own. Great. Hand-to-hand combat. The only field of battle that she was entirely weak in. Not even taking a stance, she felt the head of the mace drive into her belly, digging deep and forcing a gasp out of her. She coughed before feeling her hands being held above her head to expose her body for a beating. A likely method for someone who wished to embarrass her in front of the king. Punches were thrown into her jaw along with having her thighs punched to weaken them. Her belly was quite a target for most of the punches since her moans let her enemies know that it was her weak spot. She squirmed in their hold, trying to find a way out before seeing a blade at her feet. Her vision blurred with the last punch to her belly before an uppercut had her go limp. She was then brought her knees with her hands now being held behind her head with her leaning back to stretch her belly out.

She closed her eyes, unable to flex her defenseless belly before the edge of cold steel entered her deep belly button which had now been stretched out into a vertical slit in her exposed position. Which served as a perfect fit for the blade. She sighed, relieved that she wouldn't have to take any more torture but disappointed at the fact that she wouldn't have a chance to retaliate. Then came the thought of the blade beneath her. Before the match could be called to an end, she used the rest of her strength to kick her legs forward and catch the sword wielder's nose before looking up at the man above her in her now pinned ground position. She kicked her legs up and nailed the man on top of his head, knocking him unconscious with the help of her grieves before grabbing the sword beside her and turning to slice the man she'd kicked before. The edge of her blade cut horizontally across the man's chest before blood began to spew out, ending the match. Sigheild let out a sigh of relief after almost being defeated. She held her stomach and winced at the blows that were delivered to her face. She stood and bowed to the king who bowed his head in return before being awarded an achievement medal, which she would where on a better day. Not wasting time, Sigheild made her way to the lower level of the castle and rested.

The sun had eventually gone down and she hadn't been getting any sleep. The fact that she wasn't feeling the aftermath of the previous battle bothered her, even if she'd been healed by the arts of the sages from below. The urge to train pulled her out of bed and back into her armor before making her way to her private training quarters in her outdoor yard. She sliced and parried against invisible opponents, aiming to avoid the thoughts of the previous battle. The way that they fought had surprised her and though she was victorious, it was all out of luck. A gasp suddenly escaped her lips when she turned to slice and saw a shady character in front of her. He was armed but at the angle that the moon shone down, she could not see his face or any detail about him. "W-Who are you?" she asked. The fear showing in the way that she spoke and raised her defenses.

(This one can go many ways but I do have a main idea for this one. PM me. heart )



Altira was mounted on her horse, bolting to a bar on the far side of town. A horse in the year 2025 wasn't too rare of a sight in terms of a human riding it though there were much faster vehicles around at the time. At her current age of 21 she was an agent of an unknown syndicate but carried herself as a civilian naturally since she never spent time at the headquarters except when she was receiving payment. But Altira was a bit stuck in the wrong time period. Her brown hair hung down a little past her shoulders with her aviators in her hair above her forehead. Her emerald eyes watched the road, giving her slightly tan skin and lips a good glow. She was scantly dress with a cross-top that covered only her breasts and left her flat belly exposed along with a star tattoo that was shown right under the crossed strings of her top. Her right shoulder was tattooed with a symbol that her father had on his, only wanting to have a part of him with her. Right under the tattoo was a small belt strap meant for style. Her hands were somewhat gloved just below her fingers by thick leather cloths. A diamond tattoo was shown only a few inches above her little belly button. Her curvacious body lead down to her hips which complimented her sexy thighs and ass along with her very short blue jean shorts. She wore two thick brown belts that crossed over each other in a form of an "X", holding her ammunition, communication devices and her gun which rested at the left of her waist. Her gorgeous thighs led down to long black socks that were hugged by thick brown boots where she hid two knives, one in each boot.

Altira eventually came upon the bar, being not-too-far from a city which would be a good place to escape and get cover. She dismounted her horse and tied it to a nearby pole before petting it's cheek. "I'll be back. OK?" she said with a smile before heading into the bar. Her target was a man who was dressed in a long brown coat that would hang down to the top of his boots with a tattered cowboy style hat. Upon opening the doors to the bar all eyes were on her. She quickly counted 15 men sitting around before heading to the bartender and taking a seat in front of him. The extended silence let her know that they knew who she was but she would have to wait till someone approached her before striking. She casually waved at the bartender and held up a finger before having a beer slid her way. Just before she'd taken a sip she felt two men approaching her from behind. She counted the seconds to where she predicted they'd speak before quickly spinning around and drawing her silver pistol with her right hand and nailing them both in the chest. The two fell back to reveal ten of the others drawing their weapons. Altira held her weapon up to aim carefully but quickly, getting somewhat lucky with her shots. She managed to take out six of them and shoot the other four weapons out from the their hands. The empty click of her gun let her know that she had to reload. Not thinking to keep her eyes on her opponents, she looked down to grab a clip from one of the pouches on her waist. The reload didn't take long but her enemies were fast. Before she could even look up and raise her weapon again, she saw the shadows of her enemies. A fist dug deep into her belly, forcing out a gasp. The next blow was an uppercut to her chin, forcing her upright for a split moment and having her weapon fly out of her hand before another fist dug into her belly again. She fell back into the counter of the bar, trying to retaliate but with the four around her it was difficult. And they'd already hit her weak point which was her belly and dazed her with the uppercut. Another punch landed on her jaw, sending her into another man's chest. Her wrists were quickly grabbed and held behind her head, stretching her belly out and leaving it exposed for her enemies.

Altira only caught a glimpse of her weapon's position before feeling punches being thrown continuously into her belly. Their fists dug deep, destroying her belly till she was no longer able to flex it to defend herself. An uppercut was thrown into her chin once more before another uppercut to her belly forced a moan out of her. The men seemed to be taking a short break, laughing at her helpless position. Altira knew that she would have to hustle to ignore that weakness she felt and get her hands on her gun. The first man approached and aimed a punch at her face which she managed to duck under and have the man behind her catch the blow to his face. Ariana nearly doubled over after being let go but instead grabbed hold of the knives that she concealed in her boots. The first two in front of her charged but were stabbed in their hearts. Altira rolled over them, wincing in pain from being tortured. The last one approached and aimed to take a knife out from his coat but she quickly reacted, stabbing him in his ribs then in the back of his neck with her other knife. She left her knives in the man before stumbling to her weapon and turning just in time to shoot that man who had been knocked behind her by his own comrade. The last three men had set up a defense and began firing which forced her into cover. She hid behind a formation of tables which had been tipped over before looking over her shoulder to see their positions. Two were reloading which gave her an interval. She threw a broken piece of wood to the side and watched as they aimed to the noise before quickly taking aim and taking them out. Her last man, the man who was her main target spit out his cigarette and pulled out two black pistols before unleashing a barrage of blasts in her direction. The way that he was firing made her realize that her defenses would soon fall. Having no other choice, she ran out from the formation of tables and aimed at the man as she ran, firing at him with her right hand with her eyes closed. She was scared for her life at this moment, never thinking that the mission would push her this far. She stumbled, firing her last bullet before crashing into the back of a couch. She groaned, holding her head while her blurry vision recovered.

The young woman rose carefully to see the position of her enemy before seeing him in a chair with his right hand bleeding and his left hand weaponless. He'd been disarmed and had two rounds in his chest but didn't make a sound. He casually raised a cigarette up to his lips, before lighting it and puffing out a cloud of smoke. A small smirk was seen under the rim of his hat before it began to fade. Seeing that her enemy was dead, her heart began to beat regularly now. The bartender had been shot long before her last rounds so she had nothing to worry about... So she thought. She put her gun in it's holster before letting out a soft sigh. Her target had been terminated though it was nearly at the cost of her life. She turned to walk out of the bar without noticing the figure behind her. Before she could even process what the man looked like or react, she felt a fist drive into her defenseless belly. As if it wasn't already weak enough. She whimpered and almost doubled over with her legs weakening under her but her wrists were quickly grabbed and held behind her head once more to keep her upright with her weakened belly exposed. She leaned against his chest now, being unable to stand on her own as her hair hung over her left eye. From her point of view she saw a fist raise though it was blurred. This was definitely her limit and the fact that this man had so much control over her at the moment it scared her. Even though there were no others around, she knew that there was no chance of her getting out of this. Altira closed her eyes and moaned each time the man's fist dug into her belly, now having her weight fully supported by the man who mercilessly pounded away at her exposed belly. When the man gave her a break from punches she arched her back forward, having her belly stick out as she moaned in pain. Cold steel suddenly made itself known as the barrel of a magnum entered her belly button. She whimpered, unable to speak at the moment as she squirmed weakly with her limited movement. But the barrel only dug deeper into her little belly button. "N-No... please..." she managed to get out, staying still now with her eyes closed. The barrel was so deep in her little belly button that rim of her belly button wrapped around the barrel of the gun to ensure that squirming would get her nowhere. "What now?..." she asked herself in her head. Who was this man and why was he after her?


Forbidden Ventures

Zinithia walked through the forest, nearing the home of the elves. She had been traveling for nearly two weeks from her home. Even through enemy territory to get where she was. The way that she'd cloaked herself in the previous cities may have even drawn some attention due to her method of traveling during the day but she honestly didn't have a choice. She had to get to the forest of the elves as soon as possible to deliver a certain item that she had not been authorized to lay eyes on. The forest had covered her view of the sky mostly, allowing light to stream through the leaves overhead to light her surroundings. The trees were tall and the land was rich. It seemed like the closer she got to the elves, the more beautiful the land became. Which was only natural since the elves were people of the forests and were one with nature. They were elegant and highly attractive in her eyes and the eyes of most humans. They were known to be superior beings that would always be separated by mankind and especially her due to her country's law. She sighed, wondering if she'd ever get there though she was thankful that she hadn't ran into any trouble. She was a good fighter on her own and well coordinated with a team but she felt like she was at a disadvantage since she could be ambushed at any moment. Rape was always a fear of hers after almost being taken advantage of by the knights which served with her at home. This somewhat explained why she traveled alone instead of with others.

Zinithia was very beautiful in comparison to the women in the knight order and even bested the noblewomen. Her tan skin was something that caught the attention of most around her. Her elusive blue eyes could make any man's heart pound and drive with lust. The thickness of her juicy lips and the softness of her short light brown hair amplified her beauty and the lustful urges of the men around her who wanted her for their own desires. It didn't help that she dressed in a way that exposed most of her body but it was only to allow her more mobility. Her one-piece armor exposed a good portion of her body in a slightly kinky manner. The armor covered her neck with golden trimmings that lead to a lightly glowing jewel that cruised along the design of her armor, later transitioning to the blue aluminum that trailed over her shoulders then to a black leather that covered her back. Her arms were covered from her elbows down to her wrists by a leather that was similar to what covered her back and armored at her wrists by a golden bands that bore large glowing bluish-green crystals of the same nature as the glowing jewel on her neck. The leather on her arms reached under the wrist band to cover her hands before being interrupted by the golden claws which covered her fingers. Golden trimmings lined her gorgeous curves and allowed leather straps to cross over her soft belly and around her deep belly button. Her large breasts were held up by a cloth that connected to her armor though her breasts seemed like they would spill out with just the slightest movement. Around her waist was a belt made out of gold with jewels similar to what rested on her wrists and neck at each end of the belt. Frills hung from the belt to cover up enough of her ass but left her luscious thighs exposed and her legs covered by grieves that matched what covered her arms. Her sword was sheathed and strapped to her back with the handle leaning to her right shoulder to allow her easy access. It was a large blade that she was still learning how to handle but it was the best she had since it served as he defense and offense in battle.

The forests were always quiet but right now it was all-too-silent. The sound of a nearby river's running water had sounded a little too loud in her ears. The thought of a possible ambush scared her as she drew her weapon. In fact, it was just in time to guard against a throwing knife that had been aimed at her chest. Her eyes widened only for a moment before she looked around to see a group of ten men walk out from the brush. She was definitely in a bad position. The only chance she had to get out of this was by defeating them, which didn't seem like it was going to happen or to escape by getting across the river. She didn't know how close she was to the elves so expecting any help would be a little too faithful of her. They were well armored with expensive equipment that bore designs while what seemed to be their leader had only been lightly armored. The fact that a few of her enemies had rope with them scared her. This wasn't a mission to kill, they planned to capture her. She winced at the first two who attacked with their swords raised before seeing two others with clawed gauntlets approaching behind the first two. Zinithia jumped forward into the first two with her blade raised horizontally to confirm an advancing guard before seeing her first two enemy's weapons rebound off of hers. The two baring claws were already on top of her, forcing her to roll underneath them then recover to charge at them. With an exchange of guards and parries, she managed to take the two out. Seeing blood spew from their wounds reassured her small victory but it was short lived. Another throwing knife cut off a small lock of her hair as she dodged into the chest of her enemy. Gasping, she turned to slice but had her weapon nearly knocked away by a rather large axe. Zinithia retreated to the river where her enemies followed, three being foolish enough to try to run ahead of their comrades. She spin around once to slit the neck of one of her enemies and rolled back into her run before seeing the other two approaching. Her hands met the ground before lifting her legs acrobatically and springing into the air just before two jagged blades ripped through her waist. With one single spin she cut halfway through their skulls before landing. "Five more..." she thought as she pressed on to the river.

The young warrior eventually made it to the river but was stopped by a spear being thrown just next to her head. A gasp escaped her lips before turning to see the axe wielder throwing a slice at her chest. Managing to lift her blade just in time to guard, she saved her own life but at the cost of her blade being knocked out of her hands. She was knocked to the ground by the powerful blow, stumbling dizzily to her feet as she ran toward the spear in panic. Zinithia removed the spear from the ground and turned to drive the end through one of her enemies who had his sword raised and ready to end her life. She removed the spear and noticed her next enemy approaching with a one-handed spike-less mace and a curved sword. Her panic at the moment definitely helped her. After taking a step back, she threw the spear at her opponent and caught him right between the eyes. Being surprised at her aim, she looked down at her right hand before continuing to go after her sword. She closed in on it, feeling an enemy behind her. Zinithia looked back for a moment to see that the enemy had a jagged chain swinging over his head as he aimed at her. Her eyes widened with panic as she drew closer to her blade. She slid, almost entering the edge of the river while dodging the chain that swung overhead. Adrenaline kicked in just in time for her to lunge forward and slice the man's torso open. The chain had come around one last time, not being lead by a force it aimed at her. She lifted her blade to guard before feeling the chain wrap around her blade and tug it from her hands. The first though that crossed her mind was finding another weapon since getting her blade unwrapped would take too long but before she could even look around she felt a wall of steel, which she could only guess would be the side of the axe that knocked her off her feet and a few yards away. She moaned, lifting her left hand up and palmed her forehead, feeling an excruciating pain in her head after the blow. A punch suddenly drove into her belly, forcing her to sit wide-eyed up while having the air knocked out of her lungs. Just as she breathed in to get some air she felt an armored hand wrap around her neck. The large armored man then backhanded her to the ground, knocking her senseless for the moment before feeling a kick to her belly. She rolled over into the water, being followed by her last two enemies. When she rose, she felt an uppercut drive into her belly followed by an elbow to her spine then a knee to her thighs. A backhand knocked her into the lightly armored leader who kicked her in the stomach and pushed her back in the direction of his large companion. She felt blood rise within her mouth before feeling it forced out by a heavy uppercut from the large man. Zinithia was lifted into the air by the large blow and sent back a few feet and into the water. She rested submerged under the thigh-high bed of water with her arms above her head as if pinned. She only wished that they would stop as she rested there with her eyes closed, already knowing that she had been weakened beyond the point where she could fight back.

A pair of hands suddenly lifted her from the water by her wrists. She felt her wrists being held behind her back by the large man before feeling an uppercut drive into her soft exposed belly, initiating her punishment. The punches dug deep into her belly, sometimes venturing to her legs or breasts before ending with one last uppercut to her belly. With the diamond formation her leather straps made around her belly button being a common target. There was a pause, having her fear what would happen to her next. "Are they done yet..." she thought in her head before having her question answered. Her hands were hoisted above her head to stretch out her body then behind her head before dunking her into the water and holding her there. When she was lifted out she gasped for air and coughed, still feeling her hands being held behind her head. An uppercut to her belly forced a moan out as her head dropped. Her hair hung over her face with a few tears dropping from her eyes and down her already wet face. "Please... Please s-stop... I I-I'll do any-" she managed to moan out before another uppercut to her defenseless belly interrupted her, having her eyes roll back and force a little blood out of her mouth. She allowed her head to drop, feeling the man's hand on her belly, now caressing it rather than destroying it. His thumb slipped into her belly button and pushed deep into it, forcing out an involuntary moan. It was not a spot that she expected would make her feel so helpless. His thumb pulled out before his hand moved up to her breasts to stroke them gently. She was too weak to move against him, knowing that it'd be in her best interest just to let him do what he wanted rather than resist and catch another beating. His hand eventually traveled to her her cheek then move to wipe the blood from her lips after lifting her chin. A small smudge was still visible when he entered his thumb into her plush lips since she was too weak to resist. Her plush lips naturally wrapped around his thumb though she hadn't moved at all, now knowing what the man had in mind for her. She could feel his thumb leave her mouth before feeling his hand on her cheek again. It was obvious what was on this man's mind and it was the last thing she wanted. And the fact that her scantly armored body was glistening with wetness and was alluring enough. It was what she feared most and being beaten so badly, she was too weak to resist it.

(Capture her or save her. Your choice, though I'm leaning more towards a savior.)


From the Shadows

Corine walked along the edge of the roof of a tall building that allowed her to view the entirety of Omni, the flourishing city which also was the capital the nation, Kahlm. It was night and the lights of the city were bright, giving the buildings under her a beautiful glow. A festival in celebration of their past victories against other nations and treaties that allowed them to become more rich than they already were. To make a long story short, they were set for a while, having revenue and resources being sent to them by other countries and the strongest fighting forces she'd ever seen. They were definitely nothing to mess with. But Corine had business of her own in the city. She was a mage. A somewhat powerful mage who used to be in the ranks of Omni's armies as support but ended up leaving after seeing how spoiled the nation had become. She was a thief now, and a good one at that. Before, her goal was to become a sage and teach others how to use magic to defend themselves but she'd rather give to people who had nothing, just as she did. She was a bit of an eye-catcher in comparison to most females. Not just because she was beautiful, but because of her being a half wolf spirit. Having fused with her dying fox spirit during a war a few years ago when it put it's life in danger to defend the greedy king who'd forgotten about her friend's sacrifice, she managed to gain more power from her friend though it focused her powers on very few abilities and one element. Her power over fire was nearly unmatched, having taken out waves of enemies with her attacks though those were lucky battles since she mostly caught her enemies off guard when she attacked. Calling on wolves was a skill that she inherited from being a fox spirit along with understanding animal's languages. She used these skills to her advantage in her newfound profession. Especially her enhanced running and jumping ability that she inherited from the fox spirit.

Looking down at the smaller buildings below, she eyed the buildings she would travel on top of to get to the king's castle. He had been holding a rare jewel, the Fluer de Omni. It was a gift from a defeated nation directly to him. But Corine would take it along with other things as revenge for him ignoring her friend's sacrifice. She leaped off of the roof of the tall building before landing on one below her. Unscathed, she began to leap from roof to roof with the most stealth she could possibly manage. Her long elegantly wild hair was red with black ends, extending down just below her ass and blowing graciously in the wind as she scaled through the town. Her wolf-like ears perked up, listening to see if anyone had seen her or if anyone was following her. She was lightly dressed with only a black and red bra and very short black shorts that revealed the bottom of her gorgeous ass and exposing her soft belly. A red panty string could be seen above her shorts, taunting her enemies with her thong. Her arms were covered with long black gloves that extended from below her shoulders and down to her fingertips. Her legs were hugged by fishnets up to the top of her thighs with black boots that stopped right under the edge of her fishnets with it's red jagged design. Her emerald eyes scanned the gates of the king's castle upon arrival, seeing a good number of guards in front of her. It seemed like her work had been cut out for her. She would have to sneak past them or at least try use her looks to get in which most often worked. From where she was, it was quite the jump from her building to the wall of the caste gates. But she would have to try if she planned on entering. After taking a reasonable amount of steps back, she looked forward at the well lit castle before charging toward the edge. She nearly stumbled from moving so swiftly before regaining her balance and leaping from the tip of the building with all of her strength. She traveled forward with so much momentum that she couldn't tell if she'd make it or not but by the grace of the heavens she landed silently on the wall.

After looking down at the formation of guards in front of the castle gates and seeing that she was unnoticed she jumped from the wall and onto castle grounds. Corine rolled instead of landing on her feet to keep her stealth at a high before heading toward the brush that circled the large castle before her. It was much bigger than she remembered. Even for someone like her it'd take over an hour to even run through all of it. She gradually bounded towards one of the side entrances which was guarded only by two. Even though their numbers were few, their relief could come at any moment. Corine pressed herself to the wall of the castle and looked around for a distraction. Just as she'd predicted, the guards were relieved by two others who left the door open and began to exchange greetings. Corine thought fast breathing fire into her hand and throwing it into the air. The guards watched, putting their weapons at ready positions before eying the flame curiously. In the confusion Corine ran along the wall and flipped off above them, tucking into a continuous flip before shooting into the door which closed behind her. She slid, making small screeches, which she hadn't thought of, passing through halls and barely disappearing past each one before someone turned around. Her back hit the wall at the end of the hall, having her dizzily stand up and stumble behind cover. "That wasn't well thought out." she said in her head before hearing guards approaching. Hearing the cling of weaponry, she knew that she would have to resort to different measures before she was taken over. Coming out from behind cover, she switched sexually to catch the three guard's attention. "Mmmm... That was some noise. Could you knights show me around? I think I might be lost here." she said tauntingly as she approached them. She was definitely successful in fully catching their interest, seeing their weapons drop to their sides as their eyes followed her. She walked to the middle of them and allowed them to feel her up in the most naughty ways possible till she knew that their guard was completely down. Her eyes flashed a bright red and a large flame erupted from her, taking the guards out. She quickly fled the scene, knowing that she only had a few minutes till someone noticed.

The young thief traveled throughout the castle, exploring different halls ad rooms, climbing the stairs of the seemingly endless castle to find the jewel that she'd been searching for. When she was ten stories high, she stopped and rested behind a nearby wall, wanting to admire the decor but forced to focus on her duty. "Where... Is this thing?..." she said breathing heavily before hearing guards nearby speaking to each other and walking her way. Her ears perked up to listen as she moved to find cover behind long red drapes that hung behind her. They spoke of how the jewel was held at the top room of the king's main hall where he kept all of his treasures before going on about some secret power it possessed. She finally knew where it was. Now was the trouble of climbing up more floors to get there. Before she could move, two guards came from the opposite end of the hall and alerted their comrades of a possible infiltration. "Ugh. Perfect timing." she thought before seeing the guards draw their weapons and head in different directions. Corine's heart began to race. As if going after the most powerful ruler's jewel wasn't enough, she had to get past the world's most powerful soldiers to do so. She ran up the nearest stairs, sacrificing her stealth as she did. A guard foolishly stood at the top of the stairs, drawing his weapon without alerting the others. Before she reached the top step she blew fire from her lips, scorching her enemy before continuing on. Five levels had past now with not too many guards in sight. Something was definitely wrong. It was way too empty on the top floors. After sneaking past the throne room's large open doors where the most distinguished of guests were allowed, she made it to the king's private halls where he kept his most prized possessions. After entering, her eyes widened at the massive collection the king had obtained. Jewels, weaponry, nation's most prized heirlooms. He was truly a man of greed. But above all of the items, at the end of the massive room she could see the jewel brimming with power. The Fluer de Omni. Corine bolted toward the jewel, wanting to get out as fast as possible. When she was close to it, she slowed cautiously to a walk before looking down at it. The jewel was in the shape of an emerald rose with a black stem made out of some expensive substance that she could not recognize. It's mighty glow was alluring, drawing her deep into a hypnosis before she remembered her current mission. "Mission accomplished." she said to herself before turning around to see a massive amount of the king's soldiers blocking her exit with their weapons drawn. Corine took a step back, wincing at the unfairness of the situation. The light from the windows shone into the room, allowing the moonlight to glisten off of the armor the enemy forces. The windows... The windows! It was her only chance. She spit flames on all of the king's treasures in a line to make a barrier in front of her. She ran towards the window and jumped through it, crushing the glass before looking down and seeing the ground so far beneath her. She closed her eyes and hugged the rose-like jewel, wishing that she was on the ground before feeling herself resting on a bed of grass.

She was... on the ground? Corine opened her eyes and saw the moon shining onto the castle that she'd just jumped out of. Her eyes trailed down to the jewel in her hands before a smile flashed across her face. "Who would've thought." she said out loud before hearing a guard alert the rest of the forces in and out of the castle. "Gotta go." Her speed increased slightly, now fearing for her life as she ran towards the massive gates of the castle. The guards that had initially been posted there readied themselves for her arrival as she approached. Corine winced at the force, now seeing her defeat before having an idea spark in her head. She concentrated a flame in her right hand before shooting it out at the joints of the gate in a concentrated blast to cut them. Corine jumped into the gate and fell onto the guards with it before running over it and making her way to the top of a nearby building where she made her escape. She was soon in the forests past the plains that surrounded Omni, hiding in a formation of trees. She listened well for any enemies who would have followed her before stepping out of the formation and beginning to walk away from the city to a place where she could rest under cover. She eyed the jewel in her hands with a smile before hearing something crack in the brush. She turned, holding the jewel behind her with her left hand, now noticing that she was in a clearing. "Who's there... Show yourself." she asked, fearful of what could happen next.



Judith walked along the edge of the waterfall with the use of her magic that she put into her feet to allow her to walk on water. It was something that she practiced any time she had the chance and after hearing about the last guardian's defeat, she would have to practice as much as she could. The treasure that had been the elves' since as far back as their history could take them, had been guarded by female elven warriors who'd shown strength either as royal guardians or grand mages. Guardians had been defeated many times throughout history by enemies who sought the treasure behind the waterfall. But all who ventured never came out since the true guardian of the waterfall would finish the job. None from her time had seen the true guardian but the last time it had been seen, it'd taken the form of a man. But with the most recent guardians having been defeated and taken advantage of, the look of the true guardian was the least of her concerns. She definitely had a rare beauty about her. her long blue hair that hung down to her mid-thighs gave her slightly less than tan skin a sexy glow. She was lightly armored with a blue armored bra that was trimmed with a thick gold lining, guarding and masking her magnificent c-cup breasts. Her bare belly was mostly exposed except for a thick brown belt that wrapped around her belly just below her soft, deep vertical slit of a belly button. the brown belt was connected to straps that held her thick brown leather boots on high with her short and rather revealing armored fauld wrapping around her waist and lapping over the brown straps. A rope that she'd been using to climb the waterfall when she was training was tied over her fauld.

The young elven woman jumped from atop the waterfall and landed on the body of water below. She eyed her surroundings, watching the trees and sensing nothing. A little too much of nothing. In truth, the forests of the elves were quiet but even the animals and insects seemed to be hiding from something. She couldn't possibly imagine the number of enemies that would approach from behind the treeline but when they did, her eyes widened and she was forced to gasp in surprise. From the surrounding trees came opponents that she soon counted to be twenty-five. And what was even more of a surprise was that they seemed to be from many different nations. But with the first man who approached with the most tauntingly expensive armor and a massive shield that matched the blade that he carried in size but outdoing it in width. He was very muscular but she was curious as to how he managed to wield a giant blade and shield each in one hand when his size would most likely be overcome by the weight of his weaponry. But that was besides the point. This only made him even more of a threat and with the others drawing their weapons she was forced to do the same. Holding her hand out in front of her as if to grab something, her lance appeared in a flash of blue light. She flipped it around then pointed it a the leader, noting the position of her enemies as she stood there in silence and stillness along with her enemies. This was going to be a hard battle if she would ever fight one and with her being the only female in the group and the countless rape incidents before her's it was mandated that she won this battle.

The warriors suddenly charged onto the water with their weapons in readied positions. Judith's eyes widened in surprise, never expecting them to be able to use magic. But she couldn't feel it. How was this possible? The question escaped her when the leader approached with his massive shield crashing into her quick guard. She fell back, rolling to a halt before sensing at least four enemies around her. She was soon locked in a clash of blows with the four, trying to keep up with them and not giving in to their barrage. After a moment, she was able to deflect attacks and find openings that she used to eventually take down the four. The elf looked around to see that the rest of her foes had retreated from the water for the moment and before she could react, he felt something pull her below the surface. She didn't even have enough time to take a breath before feeling a long tentacle wrap around her body followed by massive waves of electricity. Her breath was forced in bubbles before she could spot the mage underneath the water with the tentacles coming from his back. Using the magic that she left within her weapon, she unleashed a gust that split the waters, eventually stretching the tentacles to the point wear they ripped. The mage cried out in pain before having the elf's lance drive through his heart. She then jumped out from the bottom of the lake and landed just as the water crashed back together to form a slightly wave body of water. To her surprise, her enemies had surfed in on the reforming waves and were closing in fast.

Before she could react, a large armored man with a rather large fist dug an uppercut into her belly, causing her breath to escape her and force her to gasp for air. She was then stricken from behind by a blade then hit in her thighs by two naked maces. The attacks continued till all 20 of her enemies had slipped past her and hit their mark. She had open wounds now in many places and was forced to her knees with her weapon now below the water's surface since her grip failed her during the attack. But she still had enough magic to heal her wounds. She had no skill in attack spell s but healing wasn't a problem at all. Judith closed her wounds and gathered her breath though she couldn't heal the bruises since she began to get dizzy from the use of so much magic at once. The enemies took no time closing in on her again, thinking that the battle was over but they were sadly mistaken. The elf stood and analyzed the positions of the enemies before her, taking to flat palms and thrusting her fingers into their necks. They fell into the water, dead after the blow but were replaced by the others who attack in perfect sync. She might not have known attack spells but close combat was never her weakest point. She flipped through the enemies and slid under their attacks, cracking their necks or leading their attacks into their one comrade's till they were down to only five. With They surrounded her once more with their weapons still raised. Their leader still alive and well with a mage that was well armored and armed with close rang weapons and a staff that he kept on his back. A rare breed indeed, with a muscular body to boot. The others were all from Oriental. A nation to the far east who's skills in weaponry and absolute focus were unmatched. They were definitely skill swordsman and their hand-to-hand combat wasn't bad either. They all wielded katanas and weren't even slightly armored but that wouldn't make her job any easier.

The five stood around her at a standstill till the leader made the first move, charging at her and attacking with blinding movements. She was thrown of balance many times in the clash and with the three from Oriental surrounding the battle, she knew that they would close in at her most vulnerable point. And once they moved, she called upon her weapon from below the water's surface. The lance pierced through her opponent and when she caught hold of it, she quickly spun as the three warriors ran past her performing accurate slices. She fell to her knees, coughing up more blood after taking so much damage but with the last of her magic she healed herself and watched as the three warriors disappeared below the surface of the water. Judith had landed her own attacks with her spin in the process of them taking advantage of her clash but now all that was left was the odd mage. And with how easily her opponents fell, she could only think that this last on would be easy enough. The two locked eyes just once before the mage hid his eyes under his hood with his mask covering his mouth. They charged at each other at the same time, the mage swinging his staff with so much force that he lance was knocked out of her hands along with his staff breaking. He didn't seem to care much since he followed up with a quick punching combo. Landing and uppercut to her belly that lifted her into the air with two following to the same spot. He began to land punches on her face and thighs, weakening her muscles before she recovered with her own attacks. She crushed the air from within him with a kick to his chest followed up by another to the side of his neck. She then began to attack without pause as she continuously unleashed a barrage of attacks on him. He managed to draw two swords in an attempt to retaliate with attacks of his own but all it did was slow him down. After taking a few shots to the face and another crushing kick to his chest, he slid back and stumbled a bit. There was a long pause as the man looked down at the ground. He then tossed his blades behind him, having them jab into the ground to form an "X". He then paced towards her calmly. Judith kept her fighting stance as the man drew closer, stopping in striking range and not saying a word.

A long period of time had passed before she was done with waiting. Timing her first blow, she threw a punch at where she assumed his nose would be but the man somehow dodged. Her eyes widened with surprise before putting her arms up to defend. but the man did not attack. She growled and began to throw swift punches at the man who seemed to now evade her blows with ease. She began to feel her body tire as she took in heavy breathes of air and grunted into her strikes. Suddenly, she felt his fist drive deep into her belly. She let out a groan as air escaped her lungs. His strike was soon followed up by punches and kicks that landed all over her body. At first she was able to guard most of them but after being punched in her nose, chin then stomach, she was too out of breath and in too much pain. Her body had never been muscular in spite of her skill at close combat. She'd always had smooth and soft skin. And this beating would only weaken her more. It wasn't long before they were back on the water with her magic barely keeping her on top. She defended but took a beating, mostly at her ribs and thighs that weakened under her. But just when she thought that she wouldn't be able to recover, she saw a seemingly slow punch aimed at her face. She immediately put her hands up in defense but her eyes soon widened then rolled back when she felt his fist dig into her belly. Her legs buckled as they shook to keep her standing. Her magic had finally failed her and allowed her to drop below the water's surface but before she fell to far, her wrist was grabbed and she was pulled from below. She was then tossed to the outer rim of the water, gasping for air and coughing.

Judith could see the man approaching and struggled to get to her feet and get to the treeline. She'd almost made it but before she did, she was grabbed by her wrist. reacting quickly, she turned to punch the man but it was deflected and she was punch in her jaw. She stumbled back then looked up to see the man in front of her again. She was punched in her belly once more, causing her to moan and nearly double over. Judith managed to keep standing but staggered a bit as she threw a few weak, slow punches that the man used simply movements to dodge. It was then that he began to focus solely on her soft belly, throwing a series of punches into it that made Judith's eyes close. She was soon backed into a tree where her wrists were held together and above her head by the man to expose her beaten belly. She moaned a little in a begging manner before feeling the man's fist drive into her soft belly then as if someone had backed his punch like a hammer would to a nail, an invisible energy exploded and shot into her belly. Her eyes widened only for a moment as she took the blow then closed her eyes again. She was wet, beaten and helpless. And yet the man still wouldn't stop. Letting her wrists go, he threw an uppercut into her chin then kicked her left thigh to disorient her before throwing another punch into her defenseless belly. She was then tossed towards the lake again were she rolled into the edge and rested there, motionless but conscious. Suddenly, tentacles wrapped around her wrists and legs, standing her up but keeping her legs together and hands behind her back. The man had tentacles coming out of his back just like the last mage. Her head dropped, knowing what was next. Her belly was fully exposed and with her head drooped, she could already see the redness that formed around her belly button. She closed her eyes, thinking that his fist would be what wound touch her belly next but when a tentacle entered her belly button, she was forced to let out a moan, having been aroused. The tentacle wiggled around and dug deeper, making her blush a bit but then her arms were held behind her head in her standing position. The man threw a few punches into the elf's belly, getting deeper with each punch and not caring how she'd just puked. Her wet hair hung over her right eye when the man stopped. But with one final blow, he secured his dominance with a powerful uppercut to her belly with had her eyes rolling with blood being coughed up. She moaned, now not even using a little of her own strength to stand up since she was now fully supported but the tentacles that kept her in her helpless position. Judith let out a few tears when she was lifted into the air above the man's head. The tentacles now wrapped around her upper arms and down to her wrists to secure their last move with her legs easily bound together below her. Her hands hung limply, not even able to move even if they wanted to since her arms were now tied so close together. Judith could feel a tentacle supporting her back now, leaving her in a flat but stretched out suspended position. But when her back began to forcefully arch, she let out a moan then a whimper, knowing that her life would end there as he slowly began to bend her back. Her breasts were ready to pop out of her armor and her belly button had stretched into a vertical slit after being contorted so much. Her fists clenched as she was bent farther. She pleaded with moans as she was tortured to death, begging to stop and to her surprise, he did. Her belly moved up and down slightly as she got as much air as she could, her vision fading swiftly. Was this man going to spare her life or was he just allowing her to have her last thoughts. She could only dream of someone saving her from this.



Platina was an assassin of true worth, having been on countless missions and defied death a few times though she'd never admit that it was luck. Most would never dream to try and match her while others hated her for her skill. Naturally at her current age of 22, Platina had attracted a lot of attention from the male assassins in the guild. She was never good with head-to-head close combat but in terms of stealth attacks, she was nearly unmatched. Her sparring partner always seemed to find her weakness, which had been her belly. Each punch, kick or knee would weaken her in seconds. No matter how many times she tried to strengthen her abs, it never worked out to her advantage. She just had no talent for combat without being unknown to her target. Many before as a trainee would always take advantage of her to a certain extent, not ever being able to make it far since there were always higher ups watching. But the males who took advantage of her body in sparring matches were smart when they were alone. They would get her into a hold where she wouldn't be able to move and play with her breasts before eventually finding their way to her deep belly button. That was where they stayed mostly, digging deep inside the inner walls of her belly button before exploring the rest of her body since they would only have access to her helpless body for a short while. Now those days were over, having her belly covered now that all that knew her secrets had separated to different branches of their service. Or so she thought.

Platina now was quite wealthy, owning a mansion after such an early successful carrier. She walked throughout the large halls of her home with a handgun in hand after hearing a noise which had her up quickly. She ignored that fact that she only wore a bra to cover her torso and had abandoned the thought of getting shoes and just keeping her long white leggings. Her somewhat short blonde hair hung over her right eye, giving her more of a sexy look than what the rest of her gorgeous body gave off. Her lips were juicy and full, complimenting her feminine jawline and bodily stance. Her C cup breasts only made her flat soft belly look better being framed by her sexy curves that led down to her incredibly sexy ass that filled down to her thighs. The young assassin looked around corners for a few minutes before finally letting her guard down. She figured that she probably overreacted to the noise and decided to turn back and go back to bed. But before she could, she felt her wrists being grabbed and held behind her head to have her body stretch out and leave her exposed for an attack. A fist suddenly dug deep into her belly right as she gasped, knocking the wind out of her. The enemy didn't waist any time afterwards, tazing her lower back which had her immediately unconscious and on the floor at her enemy's mercy.


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