If you're going to screw up, at least have the balls to make your own mistakes and learn, rather than taking someone else's less obvious mistakes.

The desired long term goal is other wise ruined. We are all still learning, damnit. Taking the cheap short cut isn't the answer. I SWEAR IT'S NOT.

A recent art situation has left a very distasteful taste in my mouth. If you were there that night it happened, I want to apologize, my conduct was....atrocious. I don't think I've been pushed to such extremes of hazy anger in a while. It's clearly not good for my system. >.> And if I scared anyone...sorry. >.<

I don't feel I was wrong to be upset, or I wouldn't have blamed anyone else for being mad in the same situation, so that's where I'm going to rate myself. To be honest, I didn't have an issue with her using my picture as a reference for a pose. Honestly I didn't. And I still don't.

What bothered me was how almost any way and shape of detail that my own creativity spawned off from a Gaia avi, was also copied. When I mentioned the striking similarity, I was not only disregarded and told that the artist would be acknowledged because she knew very well who it was, which never happened, but her words also told me that she didn't even realize that I was the artist she had offended.

Go figure.

Her very next response was highly angry and defensive, and felt so very rehearsed. I'm sure she has a long line of victims she's chosen, and will continue to do so. For her own sake...I actually wish that she'd take this as an opportunity to better herself and re think about things. If she truly wanted to be serious about her art as a hobby, then she'd make the mistakes we all have, and others will continue to make, and come out a better, stronger artist for her. Plod along little duckling, join the long line of failures. THAT IS WHAT AN ARTIST IS. We make mistakes and then learn. To make the next damn mistake.

Shame on you xXxLady ButterflyxXx

This form of back-handed flattery isn't right. Please, don't buy from this Gaia username, or her dA, because you're not encouraging an artist. You're crippling one.

For future reference: My one and final reply--was deleted XD


I apologize for not returning replying to your PM sooner, I've needed time to think and consider the unfortunate circumstances which have brought us to cross paths.

However, I wish to reply to you now, so that you are not left rudely hanging with uncertainty, that was not my intention.

To be frank, I find you to be a very curious girl. Since you seem to have two very different thoughts about this, I thought you might be more honest here, rather than in a private message where words can be hidden, misunderstood, or wrongly passed along.

You send me this:

xXxLady ButterflyxXx
So this is over due.... I'm sorry.
I should have asked you for permission to use your pose. Truthful I found the art on my sisters flash drive and she said she forgot where she found it.
I've just seen so many artist use other art for their poses I didn't think anything of it when I used yours.
I know you don't know me, nor do you care. But I am not a thief I have the drawing in my art binder. I redrew it by hand using pencil, inked it with a black pen, scanned it into my ancient desktop computer, then redid all the lines in photo shop with black crappy non straight lines and colored it.
Drawing is my only stress reliever from my crazy life right now. I don't know you, and you don't know me. I just wanted you to know that I'm sorry. I meant no harm. I just wanted to open a shop and draw, maybe make a little bit of gold so I could buy some art. I want to practice, to better myself. I want to get a tablet so that I don't have to use a computer mouse and have crappy squiggly lines.
I honestly thought as long as I re drew the art by my own hand it would be no big deal.
I've seen others trace, take another piece of art and just change a few colors here and there and then call it their own.
I don't want any trouble. I don't want to be banned. I just want to draw and have no problems.

I can sympathize with the terrible situation you are in, and I also draw to release stress in my day and because I love to draw....but to be perfectly honest, this sounds like one excuse after another excuse. If you really felt so badly or embarrassed or contrite at this letter suggests, why is it that in your art shop at the same time, you write these things?

"Because sadly there is no justice in this. I worked hard on it. I changed a lot about the piece. Her face her arms her legs her outfit her hair her colors. Everything was me. The only thing that was her, was the idea. But no. I'm a thief now. Probably never will get commissioned again. *page 4*

"But in my opinion. I proportioned the art to a more realistic body type verses what the original art was. The thighs were huge, her (I forget what it's called, the part below your knee) was way too thin, her shoulder is too big for the rest of the arm, her boobs and hips are too large for the tiny waist. And not to mention the eyes took up the entire space of her head. My drawing is completely different. So what I liked the way the tail was positioned so I drew it in. Big deal. Hera swears I copied her character. When in truth the design of my art was based of my avi. the long pink hair, radio jacks wings, highwire belladonna corset. I just sexied it up and changed the colors. Like seriously.. it's annoying and I'm looking at possibly being banned and any hopes of being an artist here all..." *page 7* **It's called a chibi. A chibi is an exaggerate of the human figure. There are many different styles of chibi in the art world. That happens to be my preferred proportions when drawing a chibi. So you didn't 'correct' anything.

"I just worked hard on it... truly and to be called a thief and being forced to take it down really bothers me. " *page 7*

"The one thing no one is understanding it that I DID NOT TRACE. I completely re drew it, I used the picture strictly to look at its pose. I re drew the entire picture by hand. I didn't trace anything." *page 7*

But I find it rather odd that while we have not spoken at all, you decide to say something like this about me:

"...some chick has her period and is being a...." *page 7*

....really? Either you're talking about someone else, or you're using this shop as a way to fan support by taking advantage of someone who has said nothing about you. How dare you say something like that to people who assume sympathy for your horrible plight, assuming I am some wretched, foul, horrible B#$%^ hell bent on destroying you.
Please. Feel free to browse my post history. I wanted the matter dropped, and you've continued to bring it up and wallowed in the milked sympathy you've been getting while casting me into the role of the villain. And to be perfectly frank....this not only frustrates me immensely because not only is it not true, you've been amping it up, painting me as a monster. THAT has been the part that rubs me the most wrong, because that hurts on a personal level. How dare you say such things?

On the topic of tracing, copying and referencing.

As someone else stated, poses are not owned by any one person. I have no bone to pick with you about using my art as a pose reference. But I wouldn't expect MY art, and YOUR art to be able to line up either. That commission was based off a Gaia avi. I talked to the commissioner--I told her I didn't like exactly all the details in her avi, and asked for creative license. Even if you had an avi similiar to someone else's, even exactly the same, there's no reason why our art should can literally be placed over top of the other and everything about it matching up. Not all the details in the middle are the same, there were some changes, I won't deny that but the top of the heads. The base of the leg on the ground. The curve of the tail. It's all in the same line pattern. Even the wing on the back. The bow on the tail....there's not even a Gaia item?

Any one who has pointed this out to you has been given a highly defensive and angry statement saying that you didn't, which is easily seen as over compensation or guilt. You want people to respect you and your art and OC's? Have the decency to respect others as well. I noted you on your dA, and I was shut down with a comment as to how you knew exactly who the artist was, and you'd give credit. That wasn't some random hater, that WAS the artist who you needed to talk to. Thank you for giving me consideration about the matter before replying.

Look. I know what it's like to be an artist. We finish a picture, and we feel proud for a moment, only to look around and feel like the most pathetic excuse of an artist in comparison to anyone else's work and skills. To be blunt, all artists feel that, no matter their level of skills and experience.

But an artist that really wants to be better, will get knocked down, only to come back up with determination and masochistic stubbornness, to do the hard work to fix the last mistake in a new picture, feel accomplished, only to realize a whole new set of mistakes. So you do it again. And again. And again. YOU ARE NEVER DONE. And if someone says they have maxed out themselves to superior in all...then to me, that artist has stopped improving. No one is perfect.

So when an artist traces another artist, they're only tracing the mistakes of someone else, perhaps less obvious? but still there. But you have learned nothing for yourself. You haven't tried, you're taking the short cut to better looking art but not understanding why later down the road, things are so difficult and you have to continue to rely on a crutch. It slows you down and hinders the creative process.

I'm sorry about this wall of text, I didn't mean to bury you. I feel passionate about my art, as you say you do as well, and the conduct you've chosen about this situation has been disheartening, insulting, and sad.

Despite what you must think of me, I wish you luck and hope that you can find your own style so that this doesn't have to happen again.

With this conclusion I hope that you have a better understanding of how things really stand with us, and that this ends all the drama about this matter. It's best for both of us to just move on with as much grace as we can. You and your shop are going to be ignored so that if you choose to continue this subject, I don't have to be part of the negativity.

It's nothing personal.

Sincerely, ROT

There seems to be a small misunderstanding about the situation, and questions to see the art for personal comparison. I noticed a lack of supplied art proof, stating one way or the other, so this is for you:

User Image

Whatever your opinion about the matter, either way, keep them politely to yourselves, I won't be inclined to replying further, this is my one and only reply.

I also apologize for posting all this here, but it seemed the only solution to clarify any and all questions at the same time.

Have a good day.

But justice has a funny sense of humor;

Additional notes:
I am contacting you with this informal warning that openly accusing another user of art theft is against our rules, it is spamming and it can been seen as abuse in many cases. Not to mention that it gives the user a chance to remove proof and avoid punishment. In the future please simply report the user and include your proof and let the moderators deal with the situation. Otherwise you risk warnings and bans against your account.
Abuse is when you direct harmful or hateful remarks or draw this sort of attention to a user through your remarks from other users. Continuing to post in this manner will earn you future official warning and multiple warnings will earn bans against your account.

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