Wow, it sure has been awhile. I looked through my archive of blogs and saw the sudden drop off in 2011, there wasn't a single entry for 2012 its kinda weird, like a black hole in my life had emerged and dragged me down into the deep abyss. Anyway to commemorate my return and make up for not updating at all last year, how about a vacation story?

Yeah doesn't sound very exciting now does it.

Still, getting on the plane was rather interesting. I mean, from dropping everything to practically giving my mother a panic attack and having a steward tell people they were sitting in our seats?

Now it isn't all that glorious, like it ever was. But I had a rather enlightening and entertaining discussion with a lovely Asian couple. They were going to Philippines because they visited family in the U.S. and we both were making hand gestures and laughing until we hand to board. I have got to tell you, if you ever want to fly and are under 5 feet 5 inches, travel with someone who's taller than that! I had to either step on the seat to open the overhead compartment when we land or someone needed to take our luggage out because there was no chance that a short person like me had a chance to get it out.