So, I have too much stuff, and I really want to get down to a few items I really like, and get rid of the rest! So...there's a lot of stuff here.

I sorted all these items out by type.


Soft Pink Kawaii Hair Bow
Pebbled Heart
Bloody Cowboy Hat
Dead Korps
The False Prince Crown
Orchid Headphones
Corroded Strongman
Black Cobweb Headpiece
Rose and Pink Reversible Hair Pins
Long Bull Horns
Black Tenebrous Mohawk Hat
Red Tenebrous Mohawk Hat
Sleepytime Romantic Pajamas
X_X Pink Raving Goggles
Black Skull Pincushion Fascinator
Fox Animal Headdress
Spirited 2K11 Caroling Cap
Red Raven Mask
Wicked Gravekeeper Hat
Red Sequined Feather Mask
White Tropical Dancer Headband
Rudolph Gasmask
Amethyst Golden Princess Tiara
The 4th Amigo Lucki Hat
Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Clip
Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Tophat
Xmas 2k10 Event Fir Laurels
Giant Pink Eyeball
Ninja Hood
Leftover Tin Foil Hat
Strange Baby Captain's Hat


Posh Mack Jocobi Coat
Warm Starter Military Undershirt
Louie's White Blouse
Juvie Camp Striped Hoodie
Pink Sock Hop Shirt
Warm Starter Military Vest
Black Spacey Body Suit Top
Green Cybernetic Vagrant Jacket
Green Cybernetic Vagrant Shirt
Overripe Banana Split Vest
Wolf Snatcher Hoodie
Ruby Vanir Valtz
White Raven Bodice
Lockout Vest
Bloody Trenchcoat
Doomsday Party Placard (x2)
G-LOL Primrose Maiden Top
Blackened Chained Beast
Bloodmane Chained Beast
Achromatic Apocaripped Tank
Mrs. Claws Sweater
The 4th Amigo Guappa Coat
Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Shirt
Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Coat
Purple Babydoll Tunic
Beach Towel Cape
Cool Starter Heroine's Dress
Traveling Filmmaker
Wild Orchid Kimono


Simple Pink Skirt
Black Cobweb Stockings
Pink Leg Warmers
Black Glamrock Belt
Blade's Leggings
Colonial Stockings
Onyx Milady Skirt
Green Cybernetic Vagrant Pants
White Raven Feathered Belt
Red Raven Feathered Belt
The 4th Amigo Lucki Pants
Brown Mail Carrier's Bag
Spirited 2k10 Snowflake Bag
Seraphique Messenger Bag
Rush Messenger Bag
Sway Messenger Bag
Grip Messenger Bag
Lift Messenger Bag
Radio Jack Messenger Bag
A Fat Cat Bag
Purple Suspenders
Skull Biker Black Leather Strides
White Fishnet Stockings
G-LOL Primrose Maiden Skirt
White Ribbon Cinch
Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Pants
Wild West Holster


Red Lowtoppies
Carmine Red Rivet Heels
Ultra Satan Slippers
Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Boots
G-LOL Blue Slippers
Void Black Space Cadet Boots
Purple Geta


Cloud Zebra Wrap
Cravate Demonique
Bloddy Upper Arm Bandage
Dog Tags
90's Comic Book Hero!
Scar of the Warrior
Corroded Apocaripped Work Gloves
Black Skull Claw
Bloody Arm Bandage
Doll Ears
Onyx Kira Kira Earring
Black Roses Arm Tattoo
Black Gloves
Rejected Olympics 2k12 Durem Neckerchief
Rejected Olympics 2k12 Paintball Splatters (x2)
Seracila Pendant 5th Gen.
Black and White Rocker Tie
Prisoner's Shackles
Halloween 2k12 Kuro Gang Badge
Slap in the face
Red Skull Claw
Jack's 2k12 Pumpkin Monocle
Jack's 2k12 Pumpkin Cravat
Jack's 2k12 Carved Face
Frenzy Goblin Gloves
Natural Coral Pendant
Pink Houndstooth Rocker Tie
Classy Pink Bow Tie
Classy Black Bow Tie
DOOM Party Glasses
Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Mittens
Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Scarf
Red Cherry Earrings
Dark Cherry Earrings


Textbook Tower
Alruna's Rose 3rd Gen.
Gimpi 8th Gen.
Starter Zombie Smasher
V-Day 2k11 Gloryheart Parasol
V-Day 2k11 Gloryheart Bouquet
Standard issue hunting knife
Paint Splatters
Derelict Cityscapes
Vampire's Drained Victim
Gaia Tankoubon
Caution Mood Bubble Accessory
Union Jack Mood Bubble
Airhead Book
Beastly Rose
Zombie's Gelatin Brain on a Silver Platter
Independence Fireworks
B&W Taurus Mood Bubble
Dead Inside...
Vampire's Blood Moon
Digital SLR Camera
Walking Dead Poster A
All-Star Cheer: Uni-Hornets
Punk Armaments
Great Old One
Scarlet Dribbly Candles
Broken Heart Mood Bubble
Team Louie Pennant
Bag 'o Dice
Mare of Fear
Halloween 2k12 Von Helson Healing Potion
Jack's 2k12 Pumpkin Sickle
Pumpkin Spice Latte
Halloween 2k12 Throne of Bones
Orange Pumpkin Patch
Halloween 2k12 Kuro Gang Healing Potion
Binder full of Diedrichs
2k11 Masquerade Brooch
Grave Danger Widow's Parasol
Paper Play
Angelic Microphone
Michelangelo Black Paintbrush
Mutated Snowman
Hoarded Snack Cakes
Black Forest Cake
Holiday Bunker
Wintry Snowglobe
Indigo Dribbly Candles
Lunaire's Polearm
Aspiring Alchemist (x4)
Buried Treasure
Bloodstained Axe
Enchanted Meadows
Gas Can
Grave Danger Potato's Requiem
Pink the Elephant and Friends
Reve Rouille 6th gen.

Game items

Red Guppy (x2)
Orange Guppy
Brown Ink
Superduperglue (x2)
Yellow Ink
Harmless Spores
Black Pebbo Feeder (x2)
Crumpled Paper Bag
Eggshell (x2)
Crumpled Newspaper (x5)
Green Dragonfly
Crumpled Zerox Paper Goldenrod
Brown Pebbo Feeder
Yellow Guppy
Pink Daffodil
Old Can
Blue Seedkin
Grade F Fish Bait
Grade A Fish Bait
Purple Daisies
White Daisies
Fruit Stones (x361)
Grade D Fish Bait


Hermit Cat Drop (x2)


Pearl (292)


Aquarium Classic Ride (Jerry)
Aquarium Flower Jar