yesterday was my year and a half anniversary, many people might say it doesnt count, but well, ******** you cuz to me it does, and if you dont like it well too damn bad.
anyway, and odd occurrence of ups and downs has happened the past few days, so, two days ago, my boyfriends dog had puppies, but one died T^T. and yesterday (year&1/2 anniversary) his cat had kittens. i planed on spending the entire day with him (except for the time i was in class) and well, he slept the entire time i was there. (a*****e) and not only that but one of the three kittens wasnt looking so good. and today, i WAS planing on hanging out with my boyfriend, but he had to go to a stupid tournament for 6 hours. but on the upside, his cat had two more babies (5 total) and the gray one that wasnt looking good, is doing a lot better. ups and downs i tell ya. -.-""