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Meyaira Firespring
Community Member
Ow, ow, ow~!
I went to gym yesterday afternoon and I've been in pain ever since. My abs, my sides, my thighs, calves, bottom and all my legs and my hips and shoulders. My mum and I signed up to this new gym that opened across from where we work and as part of the first few weeks' trial, we we given a couple of sessions with a personal trainer.

Now I will say that having a personal trainer made gym a whole lot more fun. I also felt more comfortable and confident using the equipment as he was showing us how to use them properly and in a variety of ways. The other thing I will say is that he is very good at motivating people and encouraging them to go beyond their limits. I am a pushover at the best of times (I always try to avoid telemarketers and salespeople at those little booths in the mall since they always manage to suck me in somehow). Anyway, long story short, last Friday afternoon was the most EXTREME gym workout session I have ever done.

Because of health issues I usually only ever do light exercise. This time it was more like a medium level of exercise; warm up, then prentending to go up a steep hill. This was the treadmill and lasted about 5 minutes, then we did the big leg press, some lunges, some sit ups, some other sit ups, some other machine that you strap your ankle to and pull your leg up, some other sit ups, some machine that you hold weights and pull them down to the ground....(and there were more but I can't remember them all)

All that in half an hour. It was a lot of fun and I was pretty exhausted by the end, but I was smiling. I do want to become healthier after all.

I was so sore last night and felt sick that I could not sleep. Not only that but the safety switch for our electrical circuit got flipped because of the dodgy ceiling fan in mine and my sister's room, so I was really hot and couldn't sleep and didn't realise the fan was off. I was still awake at 1:00am and that's when I realised half the fans and the lights in the house were not working. We got that fixed and I borrowed my brother's small desk fan thingy. Still didn't get much sleep. Took a Panadol and got a wee bit of sleep where I had this weird dream. I was telling someone about pine trees that had snow on them, and a lake and then we were jumping from one pine tree to another. I think I also dreamt about Yu-Gi-Oh! Don't ask me why...

Today I have been hobbling around and saying ow, ow, ow! I am in so much pain that I can't crouch down without a lot of difficulty and when I get down there, I can't get back up and start thinking of things I can do while I'm down there. I now know what it feels like to be over eighty.

I don't care what you think of me for writing this. Please read it and feel better about yourself. Or something like that.

I'm not obese. My weight is around 50kg. It fluctuates. According to my height of 165cm, this is a healthy weight.

I'm just not the best of health and fitness level. But I am working towards getting better and healthier.

Of course, I know this all sounds like a big whinge and moan but I don't really care again because hardly anyone ever reads my journal and I feel better writing stuff on a blank page to get it off my mind. I am not really feeling whingy or anything like that at all. I just wanna write it down.

I have been laughing a lot too (well, okay, laughing very lightly because that hurts too) and I also know how it feels like to be elderly because when you have to ask people to get things for you because you can't bend down that far, or you 'can't reach' or you're in too much pain, or when you have to carefully and slowly lower yourself down onto the toilet and hope that afterwards you can get back up, well, that pretty much gives me advance knowledge of what may happen far, far in the future...or at least empathy and a new level of understanding for those people who are already experiencing such things. I also know what it feels like to have to painfully put one leg onto the bed or find the best way to climb onto it or back down, or into and out of a chair with the least amount of pain. Saying 'ouch!' and 'ow!' and moaning a couple of times also helps to add emphasis.

So, to top off this lovely day of painful muscles that are realising they exist, what happens after a nice dinner that my Mum lovingly made?

I get a reaction and have to hobble to the bathroom and spend roughly half an hour in the loo. Yay. >.> IBS makes its lovely appearance.

Well, I am certainly feeling a lot better (and probably a bit lighter) now. I am actually a wee bit wrung out and starting to get really sleepy but I am also really happy. That's because I made a fun thread event for the role playing guild that I am in and it turned out really nice! And also because my Mum finally got a laptop after all these years. I am so so happy for her. She has wanted one for a long time and at last she has one that is her own. I wanted to help buy her one when I got my tax back this year after I put some into my savings but I am really happy she has one at last.

I share mine with her otherwise, and don't mind a bit of course.

Anyway, now I've gone completely off track. That was the last session with the personal trainer as it was only a trial. But anyway, it was still fun. I think I am happier to go at my own pace and slowly work up to a higher fitness level so next time I won't have that happen.

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